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Has the little one been practicing drinking for a while, but is she / he still sticking out his tongue during this activity? Then the Miracle 360 ​​trainer cup is the best non-spill cup for you. This ensures a good drinking attitude!

Do you want to be sure that your child’s muscles develop well? Then the Philips Avent SCF798 / 01 strawnon-spill cup is the bestcup for you. Focused on ergonomics and the good use of muscles!

Does your little boy find the transfer of the bottle even more difficult? In that case this Dr. Brown’s practice drink cup the best spout cup for you! Comfort and user-friendliness are paramount!

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  • Miracle 360 ​​trainer cup
    Best non-spill cup with lid: The best Sippy Cup for parents who like easy and comfortable, but safe and effective, and also for a low price!
  • Philips Avent SCF798 / 01 strawnon-spill
    cup Bestcup with straw: The best lice comb straw cup for parents who care about the development of the right muscles. Comfortable, durable, effective and very friendly!
  • Dr. Brown’s Practice Drinking Cup
    Best Spout Cup: The best spout cup for parents who like convenience, but also safety. Comfortable, extra easy, safe and cheap!

Drink independently. This is of course a very big step for a baby! But it has to happen, because of course you don’t want your child to hang on the breast / bottle forever. Because in addition to the fact that that is not always ideal for mommy (think of sitting still at the breast / warming up the bottle etc.), it will eventually become very uncomfortble for the child. The little one generally goes to the playgroup in the meantime! And the parents cannot always be there. It is therefore crucial that the little person takes the step to drink from a normal cup. But of course that doesn’t just happen in a few hours! There is another intermediate step: the non-spill cup. And if all goes well you have arrived at this article precisely for that reason! You are looking for the best sippy cup. And then you are also in the right place here, because we are going to help you in that search!

Because we understand better than anyone ( Sounds like Trump XD ) that it is not always easy for the parent to find the best version of a product. Especially not when you look at what is offered on the USA market with different varieties and extra tricks. You are busy enough with the education itself. And that is precisely why we make these articles. So you only have to read and at the end you have enough information to make a good choice. You can just call yourself an expert when it comes to sippy cups. And with all the knowledge that we are going to give  you can easily find the best Sippy Cup cup in the world!

And that all sounds very nice now, but are we going to achieve that together? We have a plan. In this article, everything is made as clear as possible so that you can understand it faster. Firstly, we are going to answer a number of frequently asked questions with regard to Sippy Cups. With these questions you can think about: “Why do I necessarily need the best Sippy Cup?”, “What types of non-spill cups are available?”, “What type of Baby Cups fits best with which situation?”, “When should you start this step in development? ” and / or “What do you pay attention to when purchasing the best Sippy Cup?”. After reading these answers, you will  have an idea about ​​what´s the best non-spill cup is for you. However, if that is not the case, you can read on. Because we have even more! Among all these answers, we have  include a review so you know why they are the best. That way, you have to make as little effort as possible for an excellent product. If you are also sure that you really want the best Sippy Cup it sounds like a good plan right?

Table of contents

In this article we provide all the information about Sippy Cups that you need to know to make a good choice. We understand very well that maybe you don’t feel like reading everything, and perhaps you already know things that are in this article! That is why we have included this handy table of contents in this article. Here you can simply click on the subject you want to read and go directly to this part of the article. This also saves you time! If you want to read more, you can always go back right?

  1. The best Sippy Cup: why?
  2. Different types of Sippy Cups.
  3. When should you start with a non-spill cup?
  4. What should you look when buying the best baby cup?
  5. The best  Sippy Cup with lid.
  6. The best straw sippy cup.
  7. The best spout baby cup.

The best Sippy Cup: why?

It is possible that you are now wondering: “Why do I really need the best non-spill cup?”. And that is possible, it is a very normal question. Good quality products are often expensive, and therefore you cannot purchase the best version of each product. But the non-spill cup has a bit of priority. There are, in fact, a number of reasons for choosing the best non-spill cup. And I will discuss those reasons in this section, so that you know exactly why you cannot just grab the first best non-spill cup that you see. So you really have to think about this. Let’s continue.

A non-spill cup has more functions than teaching the child to drink from a normal cup. Or to facilitate that step. Depending on the spout (a soft spout or a hard spout), the anti-spill cup can also have a positive effect on the speech muscles of the little one. In addition, the little one also perfects his drinking technique. If you have an anti-spill cup of poor quality, then it may mean that these skills are not being promoted. Or even worse, might be developed incorrectly! And that is of course the last thing you want! These are already two reasons why you need the best non-spill cup and therefore have to think about the choices you make with regard to this product.

And then you also have the most obvious reason. Namely that the little one touches this cup with his / her mouth. So it is nice to know for sure that the product is safe. Because if you have an anti-spill cup made of a sharp material, wounds can occur in the mouth of the little one and that can then escalate into an infection. This is not what a parent hopes for if you ask me. It may also be the case that the cup cannot withstand hot liquids and therefore any substances that the little one cannot withstand can be released. Another thing you would probably want to avoid. In other words, also check the material when purchasing!

Different types of Sippy Cups.

Now you’ve already had the first part! Is it going pretty fast? The first question has already been answered. But as you may have read earlier at the beginning of this article, there are more questions than one. So that means that you are not there yet unfortunately. But that’s okay, because you only learn from this! The more information you have, the more chance you have of choosing the best non-spill cup. And besides that you will also have some questions at the moment. At least you don’t know enough to make the right choice. And that is why we continue cheerfully. In this section we will discuss the different types of non-spill cups. It also immediately indicates for each type for which situation this is the best non-spill cup. The plan is that you know at the end of this section which species suits you best. Are you already curious? Then read along!

spill cup with lidspill

Non-This type of non-cup looks most like a normal cup when you look at all the exercise cups. There is only an extra lid on this cup and that brings many benefits! First of all, this cup does not leak, because the lid can be pressed into the cup, creating a kind of vacuum. As soon as the little one wants to drink, this lid goes up and then the drink will flow between the lid and the cup. In addition, you will not be bothered by the fact that the small ones will take large sips too quickly because the liquid does not just come. The child will also learn to suck from this cup for the same reason. This cup is also easy to clean, this is always nice to hear as a parent! The biggest advantage that this kind of anti-spill cup brings is that it prevents the little one from sticking out the tongue while drinking for support. This cup must really be put on the lips so that the tongue has no chance. This also prevents possible speech problems in the longer term. The last advantage of this type of non-spill cup is that the little one really makes the good drinking movement (with the mouth). That means that the little one is almost ready for a ‘real cup’!

But that is also the disadvantage of this cup, you can not start immediately. It is also useful to know that this cup does not help with neck development. This is because the head must come back to reach the bottom of this cup, which can be a burden on the neck. This is a point that you miss with this species. This is therefore the best non-spill cup for children who tend to stick their tongue out while drinking. This is also the best drinking cup for parents who like convenience when you think of cleaning.

Anti-spill cup with strawstraw cup in

If you try to see afront of you, you probably immediately have the right picture. It is namely a cup, with a lid on it that contains a straw. However, unlike his brother above, that lid is tightened to the cup. In other words, the little one has to get a drink from the straw. This is often a bit tricky in the beginning. Children usually do not understand that they have to suck to get the liquid in their mouths. However, they often learn this quickly enough by accidentally breathing hard. This also ensures that this cup helps to develop the right mouth muscles for drinking from the future open cup. In addition, the little one does not have to strain his / her neck either, because the straw simply comes to the bottom of the cup.

A disadvantage of this cup, however, is that the chance of leaks is greater than with the non-spill cup above (although it is not SUPER-large). Often there is still a drink left in the straw and that can drip out. This type is also more difficult to clean. The last disadvantage is the high chance that the little one can stick out his / her tongue while drinking, this can possibly lead to a speech impediment in later life. So pay attention to this !! All in all, this is a good choice. In summary, this is the best non-spill cup for little ones who quickly suffer from their necks. In addition, this is the best anti-spill cup for parents who want to be sure that their young learn to use the suction and neck muscles correctly.

Spout cup

And then we have the last kind, probably the most well-known kind. This is also very logical, because it is clearly the easiest cup to learn to drink with. This species is really for the little ones who have just left the bottle and do not yet fully understand how drinking from a cup works. This cup also does not leak very much. But this is not the smartest option, because there are relatively many disadvantages to this species. It is therefore also crucial that you alternate a spout cup with other practice cups, this is really a starting step in the practice process.

Now the disadvantages. The little one cannot learn to swallow because the spout is on the tongue. This means that the small one misses an important function. In addition, you have two types of spout cup. One with a hard spout and a soft spout cup. The one with the hard spout is better for little ones with teeth, because it cannot be bitten. However, it must be sucked very hard here if liquid comes out, which means that the little one will seek more support. Unfortunately, this often happens by putting the tongue out so that a kind of vacuum is created. And this again causes possible speech problems. However, if you have a soft spout, chances are that the little one will bite through it. Then you can continue to buy. So what is the best spout cup is a difficult question. Finally, the lip muscles are less well developed because they do not have to enclose a large surface. As a result, it may be later that the lips hang. In other words, the small one misses many developments if you only use this species.

However, this is the best non-spill cup for little ones who find the other species too difficult. But make sure you alternate the spout cup with another practice cup as soon as possible!

When should you start with a non-spill cup?

If you’ve read everything so far, you already know quite a lot about anti-spill cups. A lot has already passed in this article. You now know the reasons for really choosing the best non-spill cup / the best spout cup. In addition, it has hopefully become clear which types of anti-spill cups are available and in which situations they fit. You may even have a vague idea of ​​what the best option is for you and the little one! But let’s not get ahead of the facts, because we have not finished giving information.

A burning question for many parents is: “What is a good age to start with the transition to a ‘real’ cup?”. And if you didn’t realize it yet, we want to make sure that you have as few questions as possible at the end of this article, so that you are well prepared for the growth of your little miracle! That is why we will also answer this question as well as possible in this section. This way we are always one step closer to the best non-spill cup! So read through.


Is it useful to look at the age of the little one and base the starting point on that? As with most things, every child has his / her own pace to grow up with. So you would expect a resounding no. However, I cannot give you this, because there is an age limit here until when you can postpone the starting point. That is in fact at the first birthday of the little one, and the reason for this is simply habituation. The longer you postpone the transition, the harder it is for the little one to say goodbye to the beloved bottle. In addition, drinking too long from the bottle may cause the child to go on later in life, because the tongue comes out while talking.

But what is a good starting point? Fortunately, a handy rule of thumb that you can use to determine this moment has already been discovered by previous parents. And this is it: as soon as the little one can sit upright on his own, you can begin the transition to a cup. Pretty good to remember, right? The age at which children can do this is on average between 6 and 8 months. But of course this varies per child. As long as you stick to the rule of thumb, you’ll be fine.

How long does the process take?

As with almost all growth and learning processes, you also have to be patient during the transition from bottle to cup. I say it again for everyone who has read about it, to be patient. So you don’t have to count on the little one to get all the tricks of drinking within two months. It requires quite a bit of time and coordination from the child to be able to lift the cup, hold it tightly, determine the correct amount of drink for a sip, get it in and then put the cup back. In addition, the motor skills are still in development.

This is also difficult to determine since every child has its own pace, but the average duration of the transition is 8-12 months. But again, be patient and give the little one all the time. If it still doesn’t quite work out after this period, that’s okay. Especially keep practicing! As soon as the little one hardly spills when drinking, or wants to hold the cup and drinks from it, you know that the end of the transition is in sight.

What should you look out for when purchasing the best Sippy Cup?

In a little while, and you can call yourself an expert in the field of non-spill cups! But if you have understood the previous sentence well, you know that we are not there yet. You should have learned a lot, though! We have already discussed the reasons for choosing the best non-spill cup / best spout cup. In addition, we told about the different species and we outlined situations in which the species fit. You now also know everything about the start of the transition from the bottle to the cup.

However, I really want to be sure that you really buy the best non-spill cup / best spout cup. And that is why I have listed a few aspects that you can pay attention to when purchasing. In this section we will briefly discuss them. That way you know for sure that you’ve really thought of everything.

Important aspects of the best non-spill cup.

So here is a list of important aspects that you can look for when purchasing a non-spill cup. This list is here so that you can be sure that you have not forgotten anything and have thought about everything. Read through!

  • Handles – I haven’t mentioned this in this article yet, but it’s definitely one thing to think about! Of all types you also have versions with handles. This is of course much easier for the little one to practice with. However, the disadvantage of this is that a normal cup does not have that often. So this is an extra step that the little one has to bridge. The choice is yours!
  • Hard / soft Spout – This is what I have talked about in the article. It is nevertheless worth mentioning again. So there are hard and soft spouts if you choose a spout cup. Do you take a non-spill cup soft spout? Then there is a chance that it will be bitten if the little ones get teeth. With a hard spout, however, you make the transfer more difficult from the bottle. So what you can do best is to start with a soft spout and then on to the hard spout.
  • Extra functions – This is always fun, as long as you talk about it. Extra functions always cost money, because unfortunately nothing is free. It is useful to know that vacuum versions of any type of anti-spill cup are available. As a result, the little one learns to suck, dose and mess less quickly. And that is just one example of the many extra functions that exist. It makes life easier, but remember that it often costs a little more.

The best Sippy Cup with lid.

Miracle 360 ​​trainer cup

Brand: Munchkin

  • Unisex
  • Automatic closure
  • With handles

This is the best non-spill cup of its kind! This product owes this title to its user-friendliness, comfort, safety and good value for money. We will discuss this further below.

User-friendliness is a broad word, so what causes this non-spill cup to score high on this? We start with the fact that the lid closes on its own once the little one has finished drinking. This ensures that the cup will not leak if you want to take it with you, for example. Or at least, more certain than if the little one closed the lid. In addition, the lid is also removable, which makes cleaning the cup a lot easier.

Then we have comfort. Above are a number of things that increase the comfort of the parents, but we have not yet talked about comfort for the little ones. But that is certainly there, and we owe it entirely to the handles. This makes it easier for the little one to lift the cup. In addition, it is nice that this cup has a 360 degree system. Because of the round top, the little one can drink on all sides. This way he / she can alternate with different drinking positions and he / she will get tired less quickly.

I can be brief about safety. Because the little one can put the lips directly on the cup, it is safer for the teeth. They are not in contact with the cup in this way. The child also chokes less quickly because the child learns to dose well with this cup.

And all the benefits of this Munchkin cup, for less than ten dollars! I now call that a good price-quality ratio.

The best straw Sippy Cup

spillPhilips Avent SCF798 / 01 straw cup

Brand:Philips Avent

  • Dishwasher-resistant
  • Unisex
  • slip hand grip

Non-This is the best non-spill cup of its kind, and there are a number of things to which it owes it. And those are the clear love for ergonomics, support and development of the small, but also the user-friendliness for the parents. However, that golden combination is still not complete until we add the good price-quality ratio. Below we explain it further.

Because, which shows that love for ergonomics, support and development of the little one? Let’s start with the non-slip handle of this straw cup. This way the little one learns to hold a cup in a good way, and there is also less chance that the cup falls out of the hands! In addition, the straw is bent in such a way that it reaches the bottom of the cup. This helps to promote the drinking attitude of the little ones. The sucking is also brought to the test with this straw cup. In other words, many small functions that ensure good development!

Then we will continue with the user-friendliness for the parents. Because even though it is about the development of the child, some weight off the shoulders of the parents (hey, that rhymes!) Is never wrong. First of all, there are not very many parts with this cup. This means that it is easy to dismantle for cleaning. And speaking of that, all parts are suitable for the dishwasher! How easy is that? It is also ideal that the straw has an integrated shut-off valve, and then a clock cover is added. If the cup is still leaking, I don’t know anymore. The chance of tampering is also considerably lower as a result.

In other words, every party is happy with this cup. And especially if you find out that this one also costs less than ten. A good price-quality ratio too!

The best spout  Sippy Cup

Dr.Brown’s practice drink cup


  • Soft spout
  • Rotating handles
  • Dishwasher safe

This is the best non-spill cup of its kind! Of course there are a number of reasons for this, here they come: ease of use for parents, safety and comfort for the child. And as always, if you want to know more, we’ll explain it further below!

Where does the user-friendliness of this product come from? This is due to the fact that this cup is suitable for the dishwasher. In other words, you don’t have to bother with cleaning (always check it as soon as the cup comes out of the dishwasher). As soon as the cap goes on the product, you are assured of no leakage in your bag for example.

And then safety. This cup has a soft spout, which means that the teeth of the little ones are not damaged. The teeth can therefore continue to grow safely!

And then we come to the comfort of this cup! Thanks to the rotating handles, the little one gets tired less quickly because he can go in several directions with his / her hands and therefore can take other positions with the arms. This is of course also great because the little one can figure out his / her favorite position.

However, there is a small problem with this cup, but luckily this is easy to remedy. The cap is a bit big, and may fall on the nose of your little one while drinking. However, a number of parents have already discovered that you can just break off the cap, and you are still assured of the anti-leak quality as soon as you put the cap back on while traveling. Fortunately, the benefits of this cup easily outweigh this small setback!

Best Sippy Cup

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