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 Quick guide: What is the most accurate ovulation test?

We conclude quickly that Clearblue Digital is one of the best options on the market. This is partly due to two reasons, namely, this device is incredibly accurate (more than 99%) and is very clear in its reading. It is also the only ovulation test you can buy that allows you to make a mistake!

Unfortunately, we currently can not recommend any option to buy a salivary based ovulation test now. We hope this will change in the future as these types of tests also have some benefits.

Finally, we observe the ovulation monitors or fertility monitors a special device that keeps track of your entire cycle (and therefore also of your fertile days). The Femometer Basal Thermometer for Ovulation is one of the best options you can buy now, and this monitor can not only help you get pregnant, but also as a contraceptive tool. In addition these devices are usually expensive but this particular model is very affordable and can be used many times more than a normal test.

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  • ClearBlue Digital
    The best ovulation test based on urine: an ovulation test that is not only accurate but also a clearly legible result.

  • Femometer fertilityBasal thermometer
    monitorBest ovulation monitor: an option for women who not only want an ovulation test, but a better and clearer image of their entire cycle.

The best ovulation test: If you are trying to get pregnant, you should try during the most fertile period of your menstrual cycle. In other words, around the time of your ovulation. This is usually in the middle of your cycle. But for women who have a little more trouble getting pregnant or just want to be certain about when their ovulation is, this device can make a big difference.

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Different types of ovulation test Ovulation

ovulacion test orina

test using urine

Ovulation tests that work with urine are the oldest and most reliable those that we currently have in the market. The use of this type of ovulation test is identical to that of a pregnancy test. The operation is very simple. The test strip of the ovulation test should be covered with urine, then you can read the result of the strip.

The test measures luteinizing hormone (LH) and only identifies 2 peak days of your fertility. In some cases, there are also tests that evaluate not only LH but also estrogen, so two more days of fertility can be measured. So you can know the 4 peak days of fertility!


Most reliable method


Many options available


Urine required

Sometimes confusing result

Can not be used in the morning


Depending on the test you have purchased, you must collect some of your urine in a container or keep the test ovulation in the flow of urine during urination.

In manual ovulation tests, you will see colored bands on the stick or on the card that indicate whether or not an increase in LH has been observed.

In the digital ovulation test, these lines have been replaced with emoticons to indicate when you are more fertile.

Read the instructions for each ovulation test and pay attention because there are always differences between them. In general, it is advisable to take the test between 10:00 and 20:00. Try to be regular when doing the test or in other words make sure to do the test at the same time every day.

It is important that you do not perform the ovulation test as soon as you wake up and that you do not drink too much before doing the test. This can affect the accuracy of the test.

Ovulation test using saliva

Another method of ovulation test is using saliva. In this test, estrogen levels are measured. Estrogen is a hormone that rises before ovulation. So the ovulation test that measures the levels of estrogen gives us the results before those that measure the LH.

There are also variants that analyze more hormones such as (DHEA, progestrone, etc.).

An ovulation test based on saliva is nothing more than a small microscope. If the levels of estrogen increase in your body, the salinity in your saliva also increases. when the salt of the saliva dries, it leaves a certain pattern.

This type of ovulation test is still relatively new, and there is still a lot of discussion in the scientific world about how accurate this test is. However, the general experience of women is that they work well. Then it is up to you to decide which one you decide to trust.




You can use it in the morning


Not suitable for all

Less reliable


Just before eating or drinking put some saliva on the test lens. When the lens is dry, you can see if you are going to ovulate soon.

The test based on saliva can be used in the morning.

Fertility Monitor or ovulation monitor

A monitor is an electronic device that tracks whether you are on a fertile day or not. This is not only used by women to get pregnant, but also by women who prefer not to use the pill as a contraceptive. Perhaps the best alternative for those who do not want to play with the hormones in their body

. Fertility monitors are usually expensive, but they can be used for life. Therefore, it is more suitable for women who want to have several children or want to use it as a contraceptive method. This method has an index failure of 0.6 (99.4% reliability) so you can be sure that to calculate the fertile days it does a good job.








A fertility monitor works by measuring your temperature every day. The measurement should be done when you get up and the device will learn about your cycle with the help of an algorithm. This type of test is often connected to an application for the phone or web application that keeps you informed in the form of a calendar of your most fertile and non-fertile days!

When to use an ovulation test?

Of course, you can choose to buy 31 ovulation tests and perform a test every day but it is not very interesting if you want to pay a little attention to money.

Find out when the fertile days will be

Your menstrual cycle has an average duration of 28 days. As you can see in the image, your fertile days begin around 11 days after the beginning of the cycle. So look when your cycleyour cycle

  1. begins Whenbegins

  2. Wait 10-11 days

  3. Perform the test for a maximum of 6 days until your test is positive.

  4. Stop testing and you can save the rest for the next month.

  5. Try to have sex at least every 2-4 days during the fertile period.


You should know that:

A woman’s egg can survive 12 to 24 hours if it is not fertilized. While the sperm can survive up to 7 days. However, it is true that on average the sperm from 2 days before ovulation could lead to pregnancy

Best ovulation test 2019, Best fertility test

test based on urine

1 x Clearblue Kit De Pruebas De Ovulación Digital - Paquete De 10 & 2 Extremadamente Temprano 10mlU Tiras De Prueba De Embarazo.

Clearblue Digital

Brand: Clearblue

  • Suitable for at least 2 years.

  • Analog as digital

  • It works with both battery and network power.

What is striking is that most of the criticisms of women’s ovulation tests almost always focus on two aspects. First, about the accuracy of the test. Which of course is very logical, nobody is waiting for a false positive result. Second, it is always the ambiguity of the result. Most ovulation tests indicate results with hyphens, which always cause a lot of confusion if you want to read them.

Partly for these reasons, we have found Clearblue Digital to be the best in our search for the best ovulation test. We are not too surprised, because Clearblue also came up on our best pregnancy test article. This ovulation test is incredibly accurate (99%) and comes from a brand that has years of experience in this field. In addition, this test is easy to read.

The result can show three screens.

A circle: low

A sun with smiley: high

A smiley: peak

What Clearblue really differentiates us from the rest are not positive reports, but negative reports. An aspect that is barely discussed but that is really very important. This is the only ovulation test that shows an error message on the screen if the test was not successful or if something went wrong.

As they say in your ad, it is the only one that does not test two but four days! And well, there are 10 tests in the package normally (you can buy more, of course), and clearblue says that this is enough for a month. However, my experience shows that you have enough for 2 months, not 1. As long as you use it as we indicated in this guide!

The best ovulation test in salivary

It is not often that we leave an empty section because there are no options available that we trust, However, it happens! Unfortunately we have not been able to test options for now like the salivary-based test. Partly because the general opinion is that these tests are not so reliable. It’s very unfortunate because that really cheats consumers! There is no doubt that ovulation tests based on saliva are not as accurate as urine tests, but there is enough clinical evidence that they do their job well (besides, they are also easy to use).

It is sad that this system has bad opinions when there are many clinical tests that show that they work well.

We will modify this section as soon as we have an available option that meets our standards.

The best fertility monitor

Femometer Termómetro Basal – con APP (iOS y Android) en Español – Realiza Seguimiento de los Días Fértiles y Predice la Ovulación para la Planificación Familiar (Púrpura)

Femometer Basal Thermometer

Brand: Femometer

  • Suitable for at least 2 years.

  • Analog as digital

  • It works with both battery and network power.

Femometer Basal Thermometer is a special device that knows your cycle and tells you where you are in your menstrual cycle! This gives the Femometer Basal Thermometer much more functionality than just an ovulation test! The device can also be used to not get pregnant, and it is very good at that. It has an accuracy of 0.6 PEARL index, a clinical measure of how accurate a contraceptive tool is (99.4% accuracy).

You can also use the Basal Thermometer Femometer to get more information about your health and your cycle. Femometer Basal Thermometer includes a free application that helps you to track everything with a special calendar and visually shows you all the information. The device works by taking a daily temperature measurement in the morning. The data can be synchronized in the application by Bluetooth, and analyze your ovulation days, as well as the different phases of your menstrual cycle. The device has an algorithm that will adjust the abnormal data, completing those that are missing. In addition to basal body temperature, other bodily symptoms may be recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paracetamol affect my test?

No, only medications that contain hCG or LH can influence the test in terms of accuracy. This also applies to Clomid.

Is there also a test that verifies the fertility of men?

Yes, there are also! Then you can use a test like this one.

Best Ovulation Tests

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