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We soon came to the conclusion that the Eccomum Fast Breast Milk Warmer is the best for the mom on the go! It is easy to transport and with an excellent value for money!

Theis also a very good option Grownsi fast Baby bottle warmer 6 in 1 since it is also a sterilizer and with capacity for two baby bottles. quickly and homogeneously heat your baby’s food

Maybe a cheap option that meets solvency? So do not think about it, without a doubt, a great alternative in this third model that we include in our ranking. The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer can be obtained in online stores like Amazon at a very low price. This price determines that it is really simple, but that is not an impediment to perform its functions in an easy, effective and efficient way.


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  • Eccomum Fast Breast Milk Warmer
    : Warms and defrosts milk and food in a few minutes and gradually, to maintain all the properties of the milk. With a very intuitive digital screen to choose what you want to do.

  • Grownsi fast Baby bottle warmer 6 in 1
    Better double bottle warmer: warmerIt is multifunctional, two bottle warmer: This has the functions of bottle warmer, food warmer and sterilizer. With nice screen design and lots of functions to meet your needs.

  • The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer
    Best cheap bottle warmer: This can be obtained in online stores like Amazon at a very low price. This price determines that it is really simple, but that is not an impediment to perform its functions in an easy, effective and efficient way.

The best bottle warmer:bottle a warmer is an excellent way to make your life easier. Thanks to this handy device you can spend more time with your baby while his diet is heated!

Now you can think, is this useful for me? Necessary? No problem! We explain in this article its advantages and disadvantages. We will also look at the types of bottle warmers that are available, so you can make your choice easily.

We understand that there are many models and it is difficult to choose. Once again I want to help you, do not panic! This article is there to try to guide you to the bottle warmer that best suits you and your little baby!

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This manual contains everything you need to know about bottle warmers which may be right for you, I can understand that not everyone really wants to know everything about bottle warmers. The manual is written to be read from beginning to end, but thinking about people who do not have time we made this links, if you are looking for specific information, click on the following links to go to the part that interests you.

  1. What is a bottle warmer?

  2. Different types of bottle warmers.

  3. What should you pay attention to when buying a bottle warmer?

  4. Best bottle warmer.

What is a bottle warmer?

In short, a bottle warmer is a device you can use to slowly heat breast milk, formula milk or other bottle-fed foods at the ideal temperature.

Do you need a bottle warmer?

Necessary? No … useful to have, yes.

A bottle warmer is a baby product that some parents do not use at all while other parents can´t live without it. Why are opinions so divided? That is partly due to the babies themselves. Some babies are more demanding when it comes to the temperature of their food.

No doubt, it is useful to have a precise way to heat your baby’s food. In addition, you can also imagine that having to heat food several times a day, a bottle warmer can save you a lot of time.

What it is about is a bottle warmer is not a mandatory product for babies. However it is very interesting to buy one if you try to get extra time to dedicate your baby or maybe be sure that your child’s food will be at the ideal temperature.

To help you make a decision, let’s look at the different alternatives to the bottle warmer.

How do we heat your baby’s food?

Your baby is growing a lot. That’s why you really need your bottle. Unfortunately, the rhythm of the baby is not always the same as his parents …

Therefore, it is usual to wake up at midnight because your little one is hungry.

If that happens, you can heat the bottle in three ways:

  • Using a bottle warmer

  • warmer In a resistance heater, slowly turning the bottle under it carefully that it is not too hot.

  • Bain-marie. Place the bottle in a container with warm water and turn it little by little. Not very hot!

The last two alternatives require that the father actively supervise the warming of the bottle. This is certainly not as bad as it seems, but you can imagine that during the day it is much easier to be aware of hot water, while this becomes much more difficult in the middle of the night. You will also have to go to the kitchen to heat your child’s food.

Also, with a bottle warmer you also have your hands free to do other things (like changing a dirty diaper;)). Remember to read our article about containers for used diapers XD.

Is it enough reason to buy a bottle warmer? Well it is not essential but for many parents it is a great advantage to have one.

What methods you can not use!

As everything related to babies, there is always information that is totally incorrect. There is also no exception to that rule when a bottle is heated.

There are two heating methods that are strongly discouraged:


This is a way of heating a bottle that most parents know is not safe. Never (bottle feeding, breastfeeding, etc.) it is good to use the microwave.

When using a microwave, a substance is not always heated gradually and divided, we all know when we heat food in the microwave. This means that there are cold parts and other hot ones, while your baby uses the bottle do not use it. In extreme cases, this can cause burns in your baby’s mouth.

In addition, due to extreme heat, the essential nutritional values will be lost. (I’ll explain later).

Heat with boiling or very hot water

This is also a way to warm your baby’s bottles, but something that not all parents know is that although stirring well you will have less problems with food this will have heated irregularly and food of the bottle will lose much of its nutritional value because the temperature is much more than 104 degrees farenheit / 40 degrees Celsius.

Different types of warmers

bottle There are three ways in which bottle warmers that are currently available in the market warm up your baby’s food.

In this section, I will briefly describe what those forms are and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Standard heaters

calienta biberones estandar

This type of bottle warmer is a tube with warm water.

This heating method works through any water that is placed in the bottle warmer. Then, this small water bath is heated to the ideal temperature for baby food. Within the device, water is also gradually driven forward in most models. This ensures that your baby’s food keeps all its properties to the maximum as it has gradually warmed up.

It is often combined with the keep warm function and this is the method we prefer.

The only drawback? Do not heat baby food quickly, but remember that is the best way to heat baby food.


calientabiberones vapor

bottle warmer Another type of bottle warmer is steam.

This method works by heating baby food with hot steam. In general, the water for the steam comes from an internal reservoir.

Steam bottle heaters often work much faster than, for example, the standard. If you work with steam, you work naturally with very high temperatures. This often has the result that the outer part of the bottle is too hot to remove after use. Because of this, you usually have to wait to pick up the bottle warmer.

In addition, due to the high temperature of the steam, there is a greater chance that baby food will heat up strangely. You will also be much more likely to lose many nutritional values due to the high temperature. although it is a product designed especially for this use, we should think that the optimization of time does not excessively damage the properties of our baby’s food.

Heat Pillow

calientabiberon portable

A less popular method is a heat pad.

This method, which works almost the same as an electric blanket, has a cloth that is heated with a heating element after inserting the bottle (full of baby food) into this cloth and with the help of a button or ribbon this heats the food for babies.

The advantage is obvious, since you do not need water or equipment, you can take a heat cushion to any place without any problem. In principle, it takes up as much space as a cleaning cloth.

The disadvantage is that it often does not have a special function, such as temperature setting or a timer. Therefore, it often happens that the temperature is too high or too cold and requires some practice to have the correct time under control.

This option is the most advisable to use outside the home since it usually comes with a plug for the car.

What to pay attention to when you go to buy a bottle warmer?


Avoiding risk of burns to your little one is essential. As well as ensuring that all the nutritional values of the food are conserved. The food should therefore be at a good temperature. As rules you can use the following: the food should be at 98 degrees, body heat. If you go much higher than this, you are not doing well. Remember the trick of pouring a few drops on your wrist.


The ability to heat food quickly and consistently is also very pleasant. For you and your son! Your child will be hungry for a long time, so he will cry for less. In this way, you also get a little rest and you can concentrate again on other things.

Practicality in use

This also saves a lot of inconvenience, in fact this point is reduced to the same story as efficiency. So make sure you can use and maintain the hot bottle quickly and easily.


Imagine that you have finally made a decision and bought a bottle warmer, when you are going to use it, the bottle should fit or not. Yes, that also happens, and of course you do not want that! So pay attention to how well the bottle warmer can adjust to the actual size of the bottle. Otherwise you must return to the store.

Size and mobility

By this we mean, does it fit in your bag? How easy is it to take it with you? It would be a shame if you travel somewhere and your son is suddenly hungry. So, the first thing you want as a father is to feed your baby, of course. ! Unfortunately, that is not always so easy since the bottle warmer is sometimes too big for your bag, and you want the baby’s food to be at the right temperature. Therefore, always pay attention to the size and mobility of the bottle warmer! I’m sure you’ll go out anyway. Then make sure you have enough food supply at the right temperature!

How do you make sure that the food stays at a good temperature?

As you will understand now, breastfeeding your little one is worth gold, when it comes to your child’s diet there is nothing more important. That said, you can not let something get out of control. For example when you overheat the nutritional values are lost or change completely (badly).

As soon as the bottle rises to more than 104 degrees Farenheit, it is almost impossible to be sure that it will be kept in perfect conditions, the nutritional and immunological values begin to decrease, this causes health and immunity to deteriorate. That is, of course, the last thing you want! But if the temperature rises to more than 115 degrees, it gets worse. According to a study from the University of Manchester, at that temperature there is 10% less content of crucial enzymes. At a temperature of 115 degrees, this figure is even higher, that is, 50%.

So while you follow this rule, you’re doing great!

Here for all who read about this:

Keep the food at 98 degrees Farenheit / 37 degrees Celsius

The best bottle warmers

In this section we present our recommendations. Here you will find the most popular and best bottle warmers.

Best bottle warmer

Eccomum Fast Breast Milk Warmer

Brand: Eccomum

  • Accurate, reliable, complete and easy to use

  • Excellent value for money

  • It fits perfectly to most bottles and jars

Do you go often? Then this bottle warmer is ideal for you!

This bottle warmer Eccomum has a programmer so you can have your baby’s food whenever you want.

This means that you can heat the food at any time of the day. The mobility of this bottle warmer also allowed us to give it a 10, very useful!

Now you will never have to worry about how to warm your baby’s bottle.

It is also very easy to use and adapts perfectly to almost all bottles and jars, .

The price / quality ratio of this bottle warmer is also excellent!

I can barely keep my mouth shut when I talk about the Chicco bottle warmer, I think it’s great.

Best double warmer

Grownsi fast Baby bottle warmer 6 in 1

Brand: Grownsi

  • Double bottle space

  • Very complete, multifunctional

  • Sterilizer

Do you prefer a bottle warmer for two bottles? Stop looking! This has come out of our test as the best.

With this bottle warmer you can also sterilize bottles or heat water and milk at the same time, you can also keep the bottle at a constant temperature 24 hours.


Ideal! It also gradually heats up, so it does not lose nutritional values. Fortunately, it does not take too long to warm the milk. Personally, we also like design, but that’s a matter of taste, of course. Fortunately it is also very easy to use: bottle inside, wait a few minutes and Hoppa, you (and especially your baby) have hot food!

A disadvantage of this bottle warmer is that it is not so easy to clean.


This is especially an outstanding bottle warmer if you look at the price-quality ratio. So this can also be added! At least you can safely and safely feed your baby with this bottle warmer Baby Bottle

Bottle Warmer Cheap

The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

Brand: The first years

  • Simple but meets what you need

  • Cheap

  • Very easy to use

If you are looking for a bottle warmer a little cheaper and that meets all the requirements then I recommend this.

He does his job, however, if he has time, this bottle warmer is definitely a good choice, it is easy to transport and sturdy.


Another advantage of this bottle warmer is that it can be adapted to almost any bottle! The ability to adapt to different bottles also scores very high.

This bottle warmer is very easy to use, you just need to plug in and turn the thermostat to the desired position.

In addition, this bottle warmer is not expensive, the price it has is the lowest in the market. So convince us for this ranking!

Best bottle warmer

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