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Are you looking for a good baby bathtub and space is not a big problem? So a traditional baby bath like Baby Diego Bathinette Deluxe is more than enough. Not only is it a solid bathtub with a good shape, it is also large enough for any toy and is convertible into a practical changing table.

If space is a problem and you prefer a baby bathtub that is more compact, then Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub is a better buy. Here your baby can be washed in a comfortable fetal position and hardly takes up space.

Are you looking for a bathtub that lasts a little longer and you don’t have a large bathroom at home? So, a folding bathtub like BABY JOY Collapsible Baby Bathtub is also a good option to look at. This bathtub can last much longer and can even be used in the first years. It is, so to speak, a bathtub that you can use in your bathroom or shower and then you can easily store.

A cheaper alternative is of course an inflatable bathroom such as the inflatable bathtubs, like  TOPIST Baby Inflatable Bathtub that can also be used as a small pool for your baby in the garden or terrace.

Do you bath yourself  and would you rather wash your baby with you? In that case, a baby bath seat like Summer Infant My Bath Seat is the best purchase for your baby. These bath seats ensure that your baby can sit upright in an ergonomic manner. This allows you to use a large bathroom to wash your baby, while your baby is sitting.

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  • Baby Diego Bathinette Deluxe
    The best traditional baby: bathtubThis bathtub does not stay in just one bathtub but thanks to its legs and accessories it is also a practical baby changing table, it is a safe bathtub that can be used for a long time Time if you have room for her.
  • Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub
    The best compact Baby Bathtub: A compact and comfortable bath for your baby. Ideal for parents who do not have too much space or do not want to spend a lot of money.
  • BABY JOY Collapsible Baby Bathtub
    The best folding baby Bathtub:  bathtub that lasts until your baby is a small child, very useful for houses that only have a shower, for when there is not much space and for traveling.
  • TOPIST Baby Inflatable Bathtub
    The best inflatable bath: a cheaper alternative for parents without a bathtub. It usually fits in all showers, it also has the advantage that it can be used as a small pool in the summer.
  • Summer Infant My Bath Seat
    Bath seat: if you don’t want to buy a special bathtub for your child but want to use your own bathtub, this seat is for you. This special seat ensures that your baby is sitting ergonomically during the bath. Easy to place with 4 suction cups.

The best baby bathtubs: Bath time is a fantastic experience for babies. They love the warmth and the feeling of water between their small arms and legs while they bath. As a parent, it’s great to see how your baby does play and have fun in the water.

But this pleasure of bathing is not without stress. With a bathtub that is too hard, slippery soap and child runoff, it can be a difficult task. With the use of a baby bathtub you can make a big difference. But which baby bathtub is the most suitable for you?

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  1. Why a bathtub for your baby?
  2. What safety rules should I remember?
  3. Tips
  4. What types of baby baths are there?
  5. The best bathtubs for your baby

Why a bathtub for your baby?

You may believe it or not, but your newborn child in the bathroom has certain skills that many new parents still do not know. Some of those super powers are: the ability to become very slippery or super speed when moving that makes it difficult for you to control your little one. Having a baby bath helps a lot for comfort and safety when bathing your baby. These bathtubs can be easily moved and left anywhere. It is best to place the bathtub at a comfortable height. This prevents your back from suffering when you bathe your baby. With the right baby bath and with the right bath time it is much easier and fun for you and your little one.

What safety rules should I remember?

There are three important things to remember when bathing your baby.

The first of these three commandments is that you should always check the water temperature before introducing the baby into the bathroom. Always test the water temperature with a baththermometer before bathing or elbow, even if your child is old enough to bathe alone. A child feels more comfortable with a water temperature of approximately 35.5º C. This is the body temperature. Water at 55 ° C can cause severe burns in a child in just 30 seconds. Therefore, a good thermometer for the bath of the babies is not a bad investment, since it will let you know with certainty if the water is too hot. Fortunately they are not expensive and help you ensure the safety of your child. The proposed temperature is 36 to 37 degrees Celsius since in a short time it will fall.

The second rule is to make sure your child can’t reach the tap. It is easy for the child to burn with the tap or bang his head against him.

But the most important rule is that you NEVER leave your baby alone in the bathroom. Not even for a few seconds. Although it seems that your baby is completely safe in a seat or something similar. You only need a few centimeters of water to have the opportunity to drown.


  • Make sure you have everything you need for bathe at your fingertips.
  • Don’t listen to the phone when it rings.
  • Do not do other household chores while your child is in the bathroom.
  • Never let an older child supervise a younger child.
  • Close the bathroom door so your child cannot enter the bathroom without you noticing.

What types of baby baths are there?

Traditional baby Bathtube

Traditional bathtub is often made of sturdy plastic. They are designed for newborns up to approximately 7 or 8 months. It provides good comfort and it is easy to keep the baby inside and thus be able to wash it well. There is also space in the bathtub for some toys to float, for your child to enjoy.

Compact Baby Bathtub

Shaped bathtub like a basket. It is small, compact and easy to place anywhere. It is especially for newborn babies and ensures that the baby is in the fetal position. In that position, the baby has been sitting for 9 months and feels very familiar. This way you can easily wash the baby.

Folding Baby Bathtub

Some models are ideal for parents who do not have a bathtub in the house. The adaptable bathroom is made for children who can sit and no longer need support. Usually two children can share the bathroom at the same time. It has enough space for toys for a pleasant bathing experience. You put the bathtub in the shower, let the tap run and you have a bathroom ready for your children in short time. Then you pick it up and keep it in a small space. Because it take up very little space when folded it´s perfect for traveling.

Inflatable Baby Bathtub

The inflatable bathtub is usually useful for bathing and showering. In the inflatable bathtub, your child has all the freedom to splash because it does not slip due to the non-slip surface. It lasts a long time and guarantees a lot of fun in the bathroom for very little money.

Baby Bathtub Seat

This way you won’t have to use a specific baby bathtub. You can place the seat in the bathtub and the seat remains in place by means of suction cups. It is a great way to let your child bathe safely. For added security, there is also a type of blockage so that the child does not accidentally get out and only the parents can remove and remove the child from the chair.

The best bathtubs for your baby

The best traditional baby bath

Baby Diego Bathinette Deluxe

Dimensions: 32 x 23 x 38 inches

Weight : 17 pounds

  • Very versatile 2-in-1 bathtub and changing
  • Beautifuldesign
  • Comfortable


Baby Diego’s deluxe bathinette offers parents the comfort and practicality of a wheeled bathing and changing station at waist level. Roll bathinette into the most convenient location to bathe your baby. The changing pad includes a safety strap and is made of soft non toxic cushioned vinyl and can be easily wiped clean. Two large storage trays and caddy compartments keep towels, toys, diapers and bathing supplies neatly organized and within easy reach.


The best Compact Baby bathtub

Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

Dimensions: 13.4 x 10 x 13.8 inches

Weight: 2.56 pounds

  • Relaxed position for the child.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Small


The Shnuggle baby bath tub, is a basket-shaped bathtub, also called a bath bucket, is an ergonomically designed baby bathtub from the beginning in which your baby feels relaxed and safe by being in a fetal-like position . These types of bathtubs are highly recommended in the first months of your child’s life. Specifically, the Shnuggle baby bathtub has won the Mother & Baby Awards 2017 as the best bath product. It also includes a comfortable padded backrest that will make your baby feel really comfortable. You can use the cube-shaped bathtub for children from 0 to 12 months.

The best folding bathtub

BABY JOY Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Dimension : 33.5″ x 20.1″ x 8.7″(L x W x H)

Suitable for babies: 6 months – 3 years old

Weight: 5 lbs

  • Useful for use in the shower or bathtub
  • Easy to store
  • Non slipery legs


The folding bath tub is designed to store away easily and will not take up too much space. It is specially designed for babies from 6 months to 3 years old. With a mesh sling and padded headrest to provide  extra support and comfort. Recline position with sling for newborn use, which helps keep their head above water. The legs at the bottom support with non slip material makes this bath tub usable on any flat surface. Give your baby their own bathtub!.

The best inflatable bathtub Inflatable

TOPIST Baby Inflatable Bathtub

Dimensions: 35 x 24 x 12 inches

Weight: 1,85 pounds

  • Easy to store
  • Nice and comfortable
  • Headrest


Inflatable bathroom for bath or shower. Useful for vacations or for domestic use. It can be used both in the bathroom and in the shower. It is used as a bath reducer to allow your child to feel upright in the bathroom or shower. It is very comfortable for a baby, make your baby loves his/her new way to bath time, enjoy the bath time. 
Padded tub makes big tubs comfy for kids. 
Great for travel, deflates and folds easily. It’s available for infants and children play, entertainment, bathing purposes. 
Anti-skid design of bottom and inner center cushion, ensure the safety and comfort of your baby. 

The best seat for the bath

Summer Infant My Bath Seat

  • Good support
  • Safe
  • Soft material


The bath seat guarantees a correct posture as soon as your child can sit upright. Attention: your baby should always be under the supervision of an adult when in the bathroom.

Thanks to the design of this bath seat you can easily place the child inside and outside the bathroom.

Ergonomic design and soft material ensure pleasant contact with your child’s sensitive skin. The seat is slightly inclined and guarantees a good and comfortable seating position. The seat structure prevents your baby from sliding forward.


Best Baby Bathtubs 2019

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