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We have quickly concluded that a Medela breast pump is generally better than Avent. This is due in large part to the fact that in Medela, the option is available to buy a different funnel size. In addition, the Medela 2-phase system is superior to the Avent in many areas.

For the mother looking for a breast pump with a tight budget or because wants a manual breast pump Medela Harmony  is the best option. It is true that this will require more work and requires two hands for its use.

Do you prefer your hands free then an electric breast pump like Medela Swing is a better buy. The best electric breast pump. The Swing also has the two phase system as manual variant, also it is also very compact!

The best double-sided breast pump is On the Go Tote, Double Electric Breast Pump, but it is also a bit more expensive. The great advantage of Freestyle compared to Swing is that it is twice and it mean fast.

19   Investigated →   3 Best

  • Medela Harmony
    The best manual breast pump: an ideal breast pump for mothers on a tight budget. Due to its small practical size for when you have to leave home.
  • Medela Swing
    The best electric breast pump (single pump):breast pump a compactthat you can use with your hands free. Perfect for mothers who want to use it a few times a day.
  • Medela On the Go Tote, Double Electric Breast Pump
    The best electric breast pump (double sided): the smallest electric double flask device on the market. Due to its high power, ideal for mothers who have to push several times a day.

More and more mothers use a breast pump. This does not surprise us if you think how much time and money you can save. But for many (including me) buying a breast pump often involves many questions and sometimes even fears.

The first time I searched the internet to learn more about breast pumps, I felt a little overwhelmed, I didn’t expect to find so much information and I realized that I knew hardly anything.

However, I really wanted a breast pump, it was a mother who like many others needed to work. There were many times I was out and I wanted to do everything possible to contribute to the domestic economy.

A breast pump seemed to me the ideal solution, at first it was with the intention of saving a little money but suddenly I realized that I had more time to do other things (even moms sometimes need sleep!).

I hope that with this manual you have everything you need to find the breast pump that best suits you!

Table of Contents

This manual contains everything you need to know about breast pumps, and I can understand that not everyone really wants to know everything about breast pumps. The manual is written to be read from beginning to end, but thinking in people who do not have time we made this links.

So if you are looking for specific information, click on the following links to go to the part in which you are interested.

Why should I use a breast pump?

This is an important question, some moms still don’t know how important breast milk is or all the qualities it has.

I am not going to tell you what are all the benefits of breast milk versus formula milk, this would make this article twice as big as it already is and you can find online articles from doctors that will do better than I.

I just want you to consider as a mother some other aspects that can help you make the decision to use a breast pump.

Using a breast pump saves time

For working mothers or simply for busy mothers, it is very hard to always have time to breastfeed when your baby asks for it. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then a breast pump can help you. You can express breast milk when you have time for it and save it for later.

You do not have to always be during the feeding of your baby

Do you have someone who helps you take care of the baby, grandparents, babysitter or your partner? Now they have the opportunity to give breast milk to the baby if they are hungry. This is of course also very good for you, because it helps you share the hard task of raising a baby.

Aincreases milk production

breast pumpSometimes, a breast pump is even specifically recommended for that reason. In addition, it is also a solution for mothers who suffer from painful or tender breasts. A breast pump is much more comfortable.

Just in case it

is always useful to have a supply of breast milk on hand for those times when there is a problem. Maybe you’re stuck in a traffic jam and don’t get home on time? Then your partner or babysitter should just take a bottle and give the baby his food on time!

Breast pumps save a lot of money

You probably already know how much formulated milk costs, you may have calculated how much your child’s feeding will cost in the first few months. In addition to the initial costs you make when you buy a breast pump, breast milk is and will remain free!

If you think that you are interested in a breast pump you will think:

Okay, okay, this breast pump sounds interesting! But what do I need exactly?

  1. Breast pumps: of course, the most important part!
  2. Breast milk storage bags or bottles: You will need a place to store all that breast milk.
  3. Breast milk cooler: If you plan to pump milk at work, you will need a bag that keeps breast milk cold.
  4. Bottle brush: you must clean the bottles and containers every day after each use.

Different types of breast pumps

Manual breast pump

A manual breast pump is naturally much cheaper than their electric variant. This, of course, is a little extra work you have to do to use it.

A manual breast pump is less easy and quick to use, but it is a good option if you want to save on the budget!

In most cases, you will need two hands (and full concentration) to use this breast pump.

Who is suitable for:

It is a good option for mothers who do not plan to use it continuously or want to use it occasionally. Due to its low price it is also suitable for mothers looking for an economic option.

Manual breast pumps are usually much smaller and much easier to use. In addition, they are also quieter and, therefore, are much more popular among mothers who wish to use it in public.


  • Generally much cheaper than the
  • Small and easy to carry in a diaper bag
  • Silent


  • electric breast pumpMuch less fast than an electric breast pump
  • It often requires two hands for use


breastA breast pump that unlike the variant above, it will automatically perform the extraction. This means that you have to do less work than when you do it manually. Therefore, a breast pump is found (depending on the quantity of 1 or 2 pumps) between the medium and high price range.

Breast Pump electric, milk pump

This type of breast pump is more expensive than a manual breast pump, but is cheaper than the double pump.

Thanks to its electric pump it is much faster than with manual breast pumps, and can extract (depending on each person) about 120 ml for every 10 minutes. This is, of course, much faster compared to the manual which is approximately 60 ml.

Who is this breast pump for:

A good option for mothers who are often away from home and who will use it often.

An electric breast pump is generally less easy to transport because it is larger.

This type of breast pump is usually in the average price range.

Double breast electric Pump

Double electric breast pump The name says it all, this is an electric breast pump with two pumps. Well, you will probably wonder what the advantages are.

As a result you have a breast pump that you can use on both breasts at the same time (240 ml for 10 min), which reduces the time it takes to use it and will generally save you a lot of time.

In addition, this breast pump has the same advantages as the electric pump breast pump.

What is the disadvantage of this breast pump? The price is usually in the highest price range.

For whom it is indicated:

A good option for mothers who are absent regularly and who must often use it. Because you can use it on both breasts at the same time, these moms can save a lot of time!

The double breast pump is also less comfortable for transport than the manual.


  • Pumping much faster than a manual breast pump
  • You don’t need to use your hands all the time


  • The price is on the medium or high side
  • More difficult to transport

What should you look at when choosing a breast pump?

Have you decided to buy a breast pump?

Now of course the question is which breast pump suits me best?

First of all, it is important to see what kind of budget you have at your disposal, which of course makes sense. It is no use seeing all types of breast pumps if they simply do not fit your budget.

A simple description:

  • A cheap breast pump – manual
  • breast pump A medium price breast pump – electric
  • pump A breast pump without worrying about the price – double electric milk

Pump Shield or breast pump funnel, the correct size

An underrated part that is very important when choosing the Better breast pump.

If you have a funnel that is too large or too small for your chest, it can be painful and in extreme cases, it can cause inflammation in the milk duct.

There will also be less milk production than usual. This is because the breast ducts may be blocked or the reflex may not be generated correctly.

So how can you tell if you are using the correct shield size?

Your nipple should be able to move freely in the opening of the tube. Approximately 3 mm of space between the nipple and the tube.

If that is good, you should feel good after the breast has been emptied. You should also not feel pain during pumping!

There are different sizes of breast shields available, ranging from 21 mm to 36 mm.

A size M (24 mm) is that it is more common for a breast pump.

How do I know what size to choose?

You can do this by measuring the diameter of your nipple with a ruler or measuring tape (see the figure for clarity).

Make sure you don’t count the areola!

Next, you can clearly see which breast protector mm needs according to the size of the figure.

You can buy a breast shield or any parts for thebreast pump Medela here.

These breast shields fit all Medela breast pumps.

The size of the breast pump

A breast pump for when you are out? So it is not convenient to buy a very large breast pump. This is, of course it depends on you and how busy you are!

In general, it is recommended to use a hand pump instead of an electric pump if you plan to use the pump outside the home.

An electric breast pump is often much less comfortable to use outside the home (this is not the case in all models, but due to the size and noise this is usually the case).

Sound of the breast pump

Why does it sound? A breast pump makes noise, especially when it comes to an electric version. Well, this is not a problem if you want to use the breast pump at home. For mothers who want a breast pump that they can take with them, that is often a problem. In this case, a manual breast pump is much quieter because it has no engine.

Medela or AVENT milk pump

I dare to say with certainty that for most parents, the choice of the breastwill eventually fall on one of these two brands.

In our manual I always want to give a sincere opinion to help other mothers with their choice, and I try to describe the good and bad sides of a product as objectively as possible.

This time it is very easy, the AVENT breast pump is cheaper (no matter what variant you choose) than the Medela breast pump.

But I still highly recommend the Medela breast pump for mothers who want to use it often.

Why? As I described in the first part of this section, the funnel size is much more important than mothers usually think. Here you should think about comfort and also the effectiveness of pumping.

Medela has several funnel sizes for her breast pumps (they have all the pieces loose, which is very useful if something goes wrong).

The Philips AVENT breast pump does not have this option and this is what we have missed.

The only one I would recommend from AVENT is the manual pump, and they have taken the average cup size (so it is valid for most women ). 

Best breast pump

In this section we put the best breast pumps of the 3 categories in the spotlight. Other moms love the following breast:

The manual Breast Pump

Medela Harmony

Brand: Medela

  • 2-phase system
  • Small and compact
  • Cheap

How much does it cost?

The Medela Harmony breast pump is one of the few manual breast pumps in the world that is equipped with a two-phase pumping system. That is: pumping begins first with a set of short and powerful suction movements, and then returns to the softer suction movements.

This 2-phase system facilitates for the extraction of milk.


One of the strongest points of this hand pump compared to others is the 2-phase system (which simulates a hungry baby). As a result, many women experience a more efficient milk flow than with other breast pumps.

In terms of comfort, this breast pump is also very good and this is partly due to the fact that if the funnel does not fit, you can buy one separately (you can even get two for the price of one).

What makes it the best? Great price / quality ratio. But especially the quality.

The best electric breast pump (single pump)

Medela Swing

Brand: Medela

  • 2-phase system
  • Adjustable vacuum levels

How much does it cost?

The Medela Swing also has a two-phase system that is based on a baby’s natural sucking rate. This allows you to experience an optimal and effective milk flow, and a faster response reflex.

The Medela Swing breast pump is also comfortable as well as being effective! This is because it has the ability to adjust vacuum levels.


Fortunately, all Medela breast pumps have the 2-phase system! Therefore, you will always enjoy good functionality when it comes to efficiency.

The Swing is very compact and lightweight for an electric breast pump, so it is very good to take it with you. You should keep in mind that the suction is a bit strong, but that is normal for an electric breast pump.

What makes this the best breast pump in its category? The ability to adjust the vacuum greatly contributes to the comfort you have during use. Each mother is different and needs a different level of suction.

The best electric double breast pump

Medela On the go Tote Double Breast Pump

Brand: Medela

  • 2-phase system
  • Adjustable vacuum levels
  • Twice faster!

How much?

Medela Freestyle is a breast pump really made for the mother who wants to make intensive use of the breast pump and is ideal for moms who work full time or have little time.


Because of its double pump you only have to use it half the time for the same result! It also simulates the natural sucking of a baby to stimulate milk production (useful for mothers who suffer from this).

The LCD screen also allows you to easily adjust all settings and preferences!

The double breast pump also helps you save valuable time.

Storing breast milk

milk should be stored after it is extracted, so it is important to cool it immediately after pumping.

Breast milk has a specific expiration date depending on how it is stored. So I advise you to write the date on the bottles or bags for storage.

How long can breast milk be stored? This table will help you:

  • Ambient temperature – 4 to 6 hours (19 to 26 ℃)
  • Ice cooling: 24 hours (15 ℃)
  • Fridge – 3 to 8 days (4 ℃)
  • Freezer – 6 to 12 months (-18 to -20 ℃)
  • After defrosting – 24 hours

Defrosting breast milk

Let’s start with what you can’t do to defrost breast milk.

It is strongly recommended not to use the microwave or use hot water to defrost breast milk. Why? This causes the milk to heat up too quickly and generally not uniformly.

Especially in the case of a microwave, the risk of burning the baby’s tongue is greater. There may be hot spots, parts in the milk that have overheated when using a microwave.

In addition, heating too quickly can eliminate essential nutrients.

How should it be?

In most cases, it is recommended to put breast milk from the freezer in the refrigerator one night in advance. This will slowly thaw the milk. When it’s almost time to use it, you can put it in a bowl of warm water (NOT HOT) to reach body temperature.

Hurry? Then place the frozen milk under the tap with warm water.

Why a second-hand breast pump is not recommended

I can understand that buying (especially electric) can be an important purchase. Therefore, it is very tempting to buy a used breast pump or borrow one from a friend.

But what’s wrong with a used breast pump?

A breast pump is similar to a toothbrush, since it is a product for only one person. Wouldn’t it be strange to buy a second-hand toothbrush?


People can have all kinds of diseases without being aware of it. Breast milk is a biological product and can carry HIV and CMV.

Even with a thorough wash, certain bacteria and viruses can remain and cause an infection.


Most breast pump models are designed to do their job for about a year. After a year, the engine often begins to lose its suction power.

This also applies to a manual breast pump!

Frequently asked

questions What is a breast pump / pumping device?

A breast pump is a device used to express breast milk from the breast.

My milk production is low, what should I do?

Use the breast pump more frequently (every three hours a full milk pumping session, six to eight times a day).

all about Breast Pumps 2019

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