Guide about insect bites in babies and children

Guide about insect bites in babies and children

How to identify and treat them

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Here we present some help to end those bugs that want to end the well-being of our babies, you can also see symptoms and tricks to distinguish bites and much more. You will find links to go to each part of the article below and here are some things you can buy for the battle against bites.

First of all we are going to recommend the one that in our opinion is the best electric ultrasonic repellent. These repellents emit a sound below the frequency that can be captured by the human ear and that is unpleasant for all these animals, so they do not come. The one chosen in our tests is GADINO Ultrasonic Pest Repellent. This device just has to connect a plug and it’s ready. It also serves to scare away rats and mice but if you have a house mouse or Hamster at home you should not use it.

It also provides considerable help with flying insects a mosquito lamp. From my personal experience not all attract mosquitoes properly, I will recommend Athemo 2019 Upgraded Bug Zapper with UV Light, this lamp consumes hardly any light, is cheap and has fulfilled very well its mission in our tests.

Another option to keep mosquitoes away and that works quite well are electric diffusers such as Travel BugBan SuperBug Plugin Bundle + Repellent these just have to be plugged in and check that the bottle still has liquid, it works for me quite well and I think it is a good solution .

Surely all moms have something in common, how can we avoid insect bites to our baby. I am sorry to say that it is not good to put it in a bubble to have our little one protected from the outside world, Then we will have to examine how to minimize those bites and prevent them from becoming a threat to the health of our baby.

As I have said having our baby in a completely aseptic environment although at first sight it may seem good it can be counterproductive because without external stimuli to promote their self-defense it could be the case that our baby could lack them in the future.

picaduras bebes

With this I do not mean that we should not promote the hygiene of our baby and its environment or that we should not do everything possible to avoid insect bites, I just say that except in cases of babies with allergic reactions we do not have to turn crazy trying to prevent something that will probably happen.

Maybe because of their soft skin, maybe because of the caramel smell that babies have, maybe because they can’t avoid them or because they don’t recognize them as a danger. Babies are the favorite target for insect bites. How then can we protect them from these insects?

The combination of heat and humidity means that in summer the mosquitoes multiply and increase the chances of suffering a bite and the worst thing is that our baby will be an easier and more desirable target for them. The same goes for most insects. Surely we would gladly exchange for our baby if it were possible before these hateful animals were bitten but it is not possible, so we will try to combat them.

picaduras ninos

Content of the article

Like all our articles, this one, is made to be read from beginning to end If you find it too long or boring and you just want to read a part of this article, use the links below to go directly to the part that interests you.

  • Types of insect bites in children and infants

  • Home Remedies against bedbugs and fleas

  • home remedies for mosquito bites on babies

  • The best remedies we can buy to avoid bites in babies


  • Types of insect bites in children and babies


  • As I said before summer and heat makes mosquitoes proliferate There are times when you see a lot of mosquitoes it is quite obvious to assume that bites can come by these undesirable little ones. This reminds me of the time I went to enjoy a few days of rest in Vera in Almeria with a friend, she rented an apartment in Vera Playa, it was very funny when we got there and it was a nudist complex (none of us had practiced nudism) a Once we got there, I asked her why she had booked in a naturist center and she answered that I didn’t know she was a nudist and then I asked her. Isn’t Vera Nature’s name giving you any clue? In any case, the place was a wonderful place that we enjoyed very much when the itching of mosquito bites allowed us.
    The first thing I could see is that those who were more accustomed to sun exposure showed less signs of bites than us especially in those parts that did not enjoy much sun.
    Our baby’s skin is so soft and not very tanned that it is certainly a powerful attraction for all types of insects, especially those that need human blood to live.
    But returning to the topic at hand are many bugs that can sting us and most of the time we will not see that intruder so there are some signs that can help us determine what type of insect is biting us.


  • Mosquito bites

    picadura mosquito
    These almost all of us know what they are, some of us know them very well. I think that at least a couple of times a year we have been attacked by one of these insects so we know how unpleasant it is, imagine what it means for your baby. They are usually more common in the hottest times of the year, that is, spring and summer.
    Normally you will see a small and rounded redness with a red dot in the center and a slight swelling. When there are several (some of us seem to have mosquito magnets) they are usually not grouped or showing any pattern but rather randomly distributed. The usually most unpleasant consequence they produce is more than known, they bite! They usually cause an unpleasant itching.This is due to the saliva used by mosquitoes to soothe the pain while they are biting and that contains an anticoagulant substance to be able to suck our blood more easily, usually this is its only effect although in exceptional cases they can also cause some infections, if you ever get a fever in you or your baby go to the doctor quickly to determine if you need any type of medical treatment.


    mordedura hormiga
    bites Ant bites tend to swell and appear red, which is usually an indication that it is an ant bite is the presence of a bag of pus that could even transform into a blister, They also usually cause pain, some Sometimes a lot of pain.
    Many black ants bite and spray acid on the wound, it is usually more a nuisance than a health problem. Unlike red ants, black ants are not aggressive and do not usually bite a human unless they feel threatened.
    Black ants can live almost anywhere on Earth. Only black ants have not been found around the poles and on top of the ice mountains.

    hormiga negra
    Domestic ants can enter the home because they are always looking for food. The homemade (or common) ant bite is virtually harmless, but other ants can be very dangerous.
    Of course there are poisonous ants and some of them are black ants. Poisonous ants due to the poison they inject into their bites cause a lot of pain.
    hormiga de fuego
    The most potent ant venom belongs to the fire ant and the harvester ant. Some say that the fire ant bite is as painful as a burn and, according to an entomologist at the University of Arizona, the bullet ant sting is “like riding on incandescent embers with seven-centimeter rusty nails drilling your ankle ”Or like the pain of a shot and hence the name comes to this affectionate little animal.
    I will talk more about ants in a future article.


  • Spider bites


  • Spiders bite like almost all insects when they bite usually cause stinging and redness but the difference is that they usually leave two aligned lines in the bite corresponding to the fangs, they can be of different sizes, larger or smaller. This depends on the type of spider. What I can assure you is that they are not going to weave a spider web so big as to catch our baby.
    mordedura araña
    The pain produced by these bites does not have a fixed norm, sometimes it is immediate and sometimes it takes hours to appear, it is normal that they are not very painful, They also usually inject some poison, but in domestic spiders is usually not dangerous and disappears with the passage of time, as always if you notice any sign that alarms you in your baby immediately go to the pediatrician, it is always better to prevent….
    piquete arana bebes
    We have all heard once that a spider can weave its web in the ear or the nostrils of our baby, the danger of these sometimes battered animals is also magnified many times, by the way they are not insects. These animals work alongside us in the fight against mosquitoes and although we do not want to have them roaming freely in our homes and even less close to our baby, we must bear in mind that cases of organized attacks that cause great destruction by Spiders are an invention of the cinema and that spiders do not feed on our blood but are hunters and eat only what they hunt, if you give them a dead fly they will not eat it.
    In the future we will make an article extending all about the myths and truths between spiders and babies


  • Bee or wasps sting


  • Related to mosquitoes, the bites of these insects also turn red create skin swelling and have a red dot in the center , unlike mosquitoes, these bites are caused not by the animal’s trunk with the intention of sucking blood but with the sting they have as a defense method in their abdomen, sometimes the wasps can also bite. The sting will allow you to differentiate if it was a wasp or a bee that has bitten your little one since in the case of the wasp this is smooth and after it stings it will remove it and it will go away and in the case of the bee this is striated and it will leave it inside the skin after it the bee dies, this creates a new complication that is how to extract the sting of a bee?
    piquete abeja ninos
    If you can remove the stinger before all the venom from the sack at the base of the stinger enters your baby the effects of the sting of the sting will be less, the poison enters your skin in seconds, when you remove the stinger, have Be careful not to squeeze the sack of poison. If you do, you could increase the amount of poison that enters your baby’s body.
    You can try to scrape with a credit card carefully to try to extract the stinger or try to extract it with tweezers, it is likely that the stinger will have spikes so it will be painful to remove it, try to pull constantly and in one direction to minimize the risk of breaking into smaller pieces that will make this task more difficult.

    cura picadura abeja
    Once the sting is removed, wash the affected area with soap and water and in the case of babies, go to your pediatrician to check your little one.
    These bites are very painful and their effects can last several days, one of the main characteristics of this sting is the burning and pain they produce.


  • Tick

    Tick bites usually leave a very intense red spot, but here it does not end all, the most unpleasant thing is that and what makes it easy to recognize them is that usually the tick will still be hooked on the skin of your baby drawing blood, sometimes they are in areas of the body where it is not easy to see them and can cause fever. The technique they use is to insert their head into your baby’s skin and hook themselves tightly with their legs, incating like hooks in your baby’s skin and stay there feeding until you get them removed.
    picadura garrapata bebe
    On that scarlet spot you will see a hard black spot that depending on the size of the tick will be more or less large. With these parasites the worst are their effects since it is usually a sting that does not hurt. The most important thing is that it is extracted well, so that the head does not stay inside and an infection that can become dangerous occurs. You can get it out with traditional techniques such as oil, but I strongly recommend you go to your pediatrician to extract it properly.
    garrapata nino
    One of the most terrible consequences that a tick bite can cause is Lyme disease. Fortunately, it seems that in order to transmit this disease the tick should be at least one or two days attached to the skin. If you did not have the opportunity to go to your pediatrician to have it removed, I leave you some rules for the extraction:

    • Use fine-pointed tweezers for the extraction, hold the tick from the part of the animal as close to the skin as possible.

    • Pull up with a constant pressure and in only one direction. Do not try to remove the tick by turning it or it will split and the head will stay inside. You should try to remove the entire tick, if possible in one piece, even the parts of the animal’s head embedded under the skin.

    • Wash the area where the tick and your hands well with alcohol, some solution of iodine (Betadine) or soap and water.

  • Although no one is exempt from the bite of a tick it is more common in those who are in contact with nature, so if your baby has been playing in the grass do not hesitate to examine at the time of his bath. I also leave you some rules to avoid these hateful animals.

    • Avoid areas with high density of trees or tall grass and thickets, especially in May, June and July.

    • Wear light colored clothes, so you can see if the ticks are on the clothes.

    • Preferably wear long pants and long-sleeved shirt, also shoes or boots that cover the entire foot.
      introduce the pants in the socks, socks or shoes, and although the shirt inside the pants is not very fashionable.

    • You can also wear a hat as extra protection.

    • Use an insect repellent on clothing and skin that is not covered.

    • Walk through the center of the paths where there is less vegetation or lower try to avoid bushes and grass.

    • When you take off your clothes, wash and dry at a high temperature after having been doing outdoor activities.

    • Carefully examine the body especially the warmest areas for ticks after outdoor activities.


    • Bed bug


    • bed bug bites tend to be more than one normally and are usually grouped at a distance of no more than 15 centimeters. They are usually reddish and again they are usually inflamed due to the allergic reaction suffered with the saliva of these insects that again use it to avoid pain while they bite and to prevent blood clotting while feeding. It is also usual to see small black spots of clotted blood on the sheets, this is nothing more than their droppings, quite disgusting, right?
      picadura chinche
      Anyone runs the risk of having bed bugs at home. These insects do not distinguish between races, gender or social classes are opportunistic. All they are looking for is blood to feed and their favorite is that of humans. The fact that there are Bed Bugs is not linked to hygiene, these animals are difficult to see since they hide during the day is any slit and only go out to feed during the night.
      chinche manchas negras
      Now you know something more about bed bugs, one of the main reasons for the appearance of these bugs has to do with having pets at home and letting them climb on sofas or in beds, since bed bugs usually get on Cats, dogs and other animals to feed on their blood and usually prefer human blood.
      chinches bebes
      In addition, bed bugs were practically eradicated in our country but due to trips abroad to non-industrialized areas with few means of hygiene there has been a regrowth in recent years.
      To eliminate bed bugs of all kinds, we can use either some home remedies, such as those I have placed below, or other methods of easy and quick application, such as:

      • Vacuuming through all the cracks and cracks usually gives very good result.

      • If the vacuum is not enough you can try chemical insecticides taking all precautions at your fingertips as they can produce negative health effects.

  • Again, except for allergic reactions, what they produce is only itching, do not forget, for any doubt consult your pediatrician.


  • Flea bite


  • These animals sent two children to the emergency room in Malaga. Their bites cause small red circular bulges in the skin and what makes it more obvious that they are to blame is that they are almost always several at a time and are all aligned side by side. You will immediately feel the itching, so intense that scratching is almost inevitable and if you suffer a strong or allergic reaction these bites can have quite considerable effects.
    picadura pulga ninos
    When a flea bites us, our body reacts by forming a pink or red circle. Within this circle we will find a kind of point and the whole area will begin to swell causing an unpleasant sensation of itching or itching.
    In the case of children, the symptoms are the same, inflammation and redness, in addition to the annoying sensations of itching or stinging. . The problem with children and why you have to protect them much more than adults, is that they are allergic.

    pulga infantil
    Flea bites in adults are less severe than when they occur with children, their skin is much more sensitive and therefore flea bites can be more painful in children than in older ones.
    In case of a bite it is best to turn to the doctor to assess the bite or sting and prescribe the appropriate treatment, in most cases with a cream that relieves us, it will be enough.
    A useful advice is not to scratch, if we do what we can achieve is to aggravate the problem, causing injuries that can be easily infected.


  • Home remedies against bedbugs and fleas

  • Turmeric
    remedio casero chinches pulgas
    Powdered turmeric is a great ally to eliminate bedbugs because it contains a substance called curcumin, this antimicrobial agent prevents these small insects can survive, since it removes them oxygen. You can scrub the mattress a bit and you will almost certainly eliminate bed bugs.


    remedio casero chinches
    oiloil is also a good choice, since its characteristic smell produces allergy to the bugs that live on the sheets and mattresses. It is a product that can help you make bed bugs disappear and do not create discomfort at home or in your garden.


    remedio casero pulgas nino
    oil In addition to peppermint oil, lavender oil also achieves the same results, since its smell is unbearable for bed bugs and other pests and ends with them in the blink of an eye. Of course, it is important that you verify that you do not have someone allergic to these oils at home except bugs to avoid major evils. If there are no allergies at home, this may be one of the best options to end bed bugs, you just have to pour a little oil on the sheets and the nightmare will be over.


    remedio casero bebe
    are a very useful spice that you surely have in your kitchen. These spices in addition to cooking also serve to eliminate pests and prevent them from reappearing, since they contain an oil with a very intense smell that is unbearable for bed bugs.


    Aloe Vera
    aloe vera chinches
    As we all know the properties of the Aloe Vera plant, they can help us improve the effects of bites. Aloe vera is a good antiseptic that will help the bite to be clean, but it also has good healing and soothing properties, which is why it is used for burns.


  • Home remedies for mosquito bites in babies

    Option 1
    Clean the bite with juice of lemon and then put a little honey on top
    Option 2
    Make a paste with water and salt chill in the refrigerator and apply it on the bite
    Option 3
    Wash the bite with plenty of soap and water. Make a paste with water and baking soda and put it in You don’t have to worry if your little one touches the pasta on the bite and puts it in his mouth.
    Option 4
    Spread a little Aloe Vera on the bite and let it dry, this can be done several times a day
    Option 5
    Put apple cider vinegar to cool and apply it on the bite, it can also be done several times a day


  • The best remedies that we can buy to avoid bites in babies

    As you have seen before the Cloves, Lavender or Basil are some of the means that nature gives us to scare away the bugs that want to bite our babies, there are also methods to It is more sophisticated that can help us that do not involve a very high cost and that facilitate this hard task.

  • Best electric ultrasonic
    GADINO Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

  • Brand: Gadino

    • Easy to use

    • Cheap

    • Serves many insects

      This device has the use of advanced microelectronic technology, ultrasonic waves alternate intermittently to achieve the best dispersion effect. So that mice and other vermin do not get used to the fixed frequencies and become immune to them mosquito repellent devices.
      Safe for humans and pets: The electronic pest controller is silent and safe for humans and pets such as dogs and cats due to its special frequency. In open spaces, an ultrasound range of up to 80 square meters repellent flies and mosquitoes is guaranteed. Ideal also for use in plants, offices, hospitals.

    • Bestmosquito lamp

      Athemo 2019 Upgraded Bug Zapper with UV Light

    • Brand: ATHEMO

      • Easy to use

      • Cheap

      • Very good lamp to attract flies and mosquitoes

        The Maxineer mosquito trap lamp is the perfect alternative to another chemical-free pest control, it is safe to use anywhere indoors effectively solving with a problem of infestation of heavy flying pests.
        Use ultraviolet LED bulbs that mosquitoes and flies find irresistible and attract the insect. When they approach the device, the powerful fan will absorb them and prevent them from escaping. Although the power is only 3 watts, it is enough to electrocute the insects.


      • Best electric diffuser

        SuperBug Plugin Bundle + Repellent​

      • Brand: Travel BugBan

        • Easy to use

        • Cheap

        • Works great with mosquitoes
          Mosquito Liquid offers continuous protection against mosquitoes and flies in just one product. This innovative device consists of an electric diffuser and a bottle with the insecticide. It connects to a plug and you can stay up to 30 days without flies or mosquitoes.

Guide about insect bites in babies and children

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