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We quickly conclude that the best mattress is Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress. This is because it is easy to maintain and this mattress for babies also has good ventilation due to its combination of materials. For your little baby it is also a super nice and comfortable place. There is also a mattress protector! Perfect for all mothers (and babies) who appreciate luxury and comfort.


Do you have a lower budget, but still want a mattress for baby of the highest quality? Then the crib mattress Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress, White is the best mattress for your baby and for you! It can be cheap, but that does not neglect the quality. Antibacterial, waterproof lock stitched binding helps prevent mold, mildew and odor from seeping inside like cotton binding allowsguarantees great comfort and safety, it is also durable! The mattress for babies is also resistant to washing. So easy! Clearly the best mattress for babies for mothers with a limited budget and they have to look for the best value for money! Excellent choice.


It is not easy to find spring mattresses, although these seem to be in disuse they have undoubtedly been and will be a great choice in fact in my opinion they may be the best option. After many investigations we can recommend the Serta Tranquility Eco Firm Innerspring Crib and Toddler Mattress | Waterproof | GREENGUARD Gold Certified (Natural/Non-Toxic). The only mistake we have found is a reduced use guide. but considering its price and great quality you can not ask for more. A successful choice


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The best mattress for babies: there is only one moment when a mother leaves her newborn baby alone … and that is when she sleeps. Therefore, it is not surprising that for many mothers it is important to know clearly in what conditions your child will sleep. In addition to choosing a crib that meets all the requirements and safety tips, it is also important (I would even say more important) to buy a good mattress for babies. What should one pay attention to when buying a baby mattress? What are the most popular baby mattresses at this time and what factors are important in a baby mattress? Read it in our extensive manual of mattresses for babies.

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This guide contains everything you can know about crib mattresses for babies. Are you looking for specific information? Click on the following links to go directly to the part that interests you.


Different types of mattresses for babies

Mattress for polyethylene babies

colchon poliester

It is the most used filling and common in mattresses for babies. This synthetic foam, sometimes also called PE foam, is a foam that is very similar to your bath sponge. The only difference is that making a mattress with this material ensures that less air remains in the foam, which increases the density of the foam and strengthens the foam.

By varying this density, many different types of mattresses can be manufactured, all of which have different quality and properties.

Therefore, it is difficult to say something general about polyethylene baby mattresses. However, it is true that they are often cheaper than other alternatives. What often happens is that the mattress is not uniform in all its size. (Usually, the center of the mattress is much harder than the edges and corners).



  • Price, Cheap crib mattress

  • Long lifespan


  • Not always the most comfortable crib mattress

  • Firmness may not be the same everywhere

Viscoelastic baby mattress

colchon viscoelastico

Known as viscoelastic foam or memory foam (Memory Foam). This is one of the most familiar variants of polyethylene foam. It is a type of material that is often used together with other materials in a crib mattress.

Due to the method with which it is made, it takes more time before the foam is filled with air again after pressure has been applied adapting to the anatomy of your baby. The advantage is that your baby will not feel any pressure when sleeping on a baby mattress with memory foam.

The disadvantage is that movement in a memory foam mattress is more difficult than with another crib mattress.

The mattress also tends to be harder at colder temperatures, and therefore is more suitable in areas with a warmer climate. Due to the special shape of air bubbles and density, it is also less breathable than other materials. This also means that it usually retains more body heat than other materials.

This is seen as a possible cause of death in the crib and, therefore, is not a good choice as a crib mattress for the newborn.


  • No pressure points

  • Correct firmness


  • Not suitable for colder climates

  • Increased heat

  • Prevents movement

Cold foam baby mattress

colchon bebe espuma fria

Due to its structure, cold foam (Thermo Fresh) or polyurethane foam has much more resistance and therefore, it is often more comfortable than other materials. Also for cold foam there are many variants based on the composition that is used. In general, it is true that it ventilates less than polyester baby mattresses, and retains heat better. This means that it should not be the best option for a crib mattress.

But in reality cold foam crib mattresses are combined with other materials or structures to form a high quality / comfort material. A perfect example of this is the Ecus Care mattress, anti plagiocephaly crib mattress or the Ecus Kids OXSI mattress.


  • Excellent comfort

  • Very ventilated in many models

  • Sustainable


  • More expensive variant

  • Only cold foam is not a good choice

Spring baby mattress

colchon cuna muelles

The type of material that many parents probably know. The springs are spiral shaped samples that provide suspension. These are covered with a layer of textile and then with a layer of foam. Many stores will be happy to tell you what is the thickness and number of turns of these springs, and how big is the difference between them.

Do not take note of any of this, to notice the difference with the weight of a baby are really estimated micro measures. However, spring crib mattresses are a good option in terms of features. They are reasonably ventilated and depending on the materials used for the layers, the springs are very good at keeping away heat and perspiration.

If there is a material with a lot of wrong information in fact it is the spring mattress.

We have even read that crib mattresses are much less hygienic, why is it bad that there is space between the mattress faces?

The space is air, the air is flow / drainage and that’s why the springs are more hygienic … the moral of the story, you do not have to believe everything you read on the internet (this also applies to our information, always be careful with what what do you read) . It is quite strange how unpopular spring mattresses are for a while now when it comes to crib mattresses, because they are good value for money. It is true that there are not many options available that are made of this variant.


  • Goodventilation

  • hygienic

  • Comfortable

Disadvantages: Higher

  • price (still have a good value for money)

… Is that all?

There are some crib mattress materials that we have not added to our manual. These materials are in our opinion totally unsuitable for crib mattresses (for example latex).

Which material is more suitable as a mattress for babies?

Usually, a crib mattress made of cold foam sticks over all other options. I’m talking here about the special variants of cold foam. They meet all the requirements and have many extras that make them the best mattress for babies. What we think is a very good choice is the spring mattress (often cheaper).

In case you need a cheaper option, we all know how expensive is the adventure of having a baby, polyethylene is also a good option. It is a choice of mattress material that simply meets most requirements.

What should you pay attention to?

What size should the mattress for baby be?

Of course, it depends a lot on the size of the crib! But as we have also discussed in our guide on cribs, the mattress should be at least 31inches long and 15,5inches wide.

What about the thickness of the baby mattress / crib mattress?

The thickness of the mattress for babies should be more than 1.4 inches and less than 6,5 inches. (Of course, all the mattresses we have recommended in this manual meet all these requirements)

Firmness of mattresses for babies

mejor colchon cuna

The mattress of the crib should be pleasant and firm. An excessively soft mattress is dangerous for babies because their head can sink and a risk of suffocation can occur.

A little advice, you can verify your firmness by pressing the mattress with your flat hand and your fingers stretched. You know that it has the right firmness if the mattress only sinks a little.

Has the mattress been made with hypoallergenic and / or insect protection?

A mattress that has been specially designed or processed to allow babies with allergies to sleep safely, think of asthma or eczema.

Most mothers in the forums and other social networks consider this a very important aspect when buying a product for their babies. I do not agree 100% here, and I will explain why.

Your baby has just been born, so you do not know if you have any allergies. It is considered that in Spain about 30% of people suffer from some type of allergy. Then there is the possibility that your baby is among that group.

Well, you can pay ten percent less for the mattress and buy a non-hypoallergenic mattress. But imagine that your baby is affected, then you can think of the old saying “cheap is expensive” because you do not have to buy a completely new mattress.

Anti-mosquito or other anti-insect agent is another story, this does not have to be a factor in buying a mattress. There is no scientific evidence that this helps prevent mosquitoes, because they do not end up in the mattress but in the smell of people. If it comes with that, it’s fun, but you do not have to worry about that in my opinion.

Does the crib mattress breathe enough?

Is the mattress made of a material that allows enough air to pass through? This has multiple functions (including comfort, of course). But a mattress with good ventilation also ensures less sweat, and this works better against insects than a protection against mosquitoes.

However, this is not the reason why this is an important requirement for choosing a mattress for babies. As I said before, there is a risk of suffocation in babies, using a mattress that ventilates well can help prevent this.

Mattress ventilation depends largely on the material it is made of. The Ecus Care crib mattress, crib mattress anti plagiocephaly is a very good example when it comes to optimal air circulation.

Also due to the air circulation of the crib mattress a plastic mattress or a mattress with a plastic cover is discouraged. This does not leave any air, and there is a great chance that your child will suffocate!

Mattress protector

Most crib mattresses are supplied with a crib mattress protector.

This mattress protector has three functions: It

  1. ensures that there is a removable layer that is easy to clean.

  2. It gives extra strength to the top layer of the mattress.

  3. It helps prevent cracks and abrasions in the crib mattress.

I want to pay special attention to the first point. It is important that there is a possibility to maintain and clean the mattress regularly. Therefore, it is very useful for many mothers to stop and think carefully about choosing a mattress for babies. You have to clean the crib mattress regularly. Therefore, it is good to look for a mattress that also has a mattress protector. This ensures that you do not have to change a whole mattress several times.

Best crib mattress

This is the part of our manuals that always requires more work to do. Search, ask, call to see what are really the best options.

This time we saw three possibilities, a cheap baby mattress with maximum benefits, a luxurious mattress for babies and a spring mattress that mixes the traditional and the latest technology. The economic crib mattress is for parents who want the mattress to satisfy all the security and comfort needs that a mattress should have. The luxurious crib mattress is a mattress that has everything you can ask for a mattress, and is intended for parents who want to pamper their baby and are not worried about the cost and the third is a sturdy mattress made of classic materials .

The best mattress for baby

Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress, Organic Cotton Cover


Shape: rectangular

Material: Multi-layered Dual Firmness Design


  • Anti-Incorporates anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatments

  • with side zip


Some mothers wants Colgate crib mattress at all costs, and after our research, we certainly agree. Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress, Organic Cotton Cover really has everything. The mattress protector (upper layer) has a special structure that gives maximum comfort to your baby. Because of this special structure, air can flow more easily through the mattress protector, where your baby is lying. This ensures an optimal temperature for your baby and also a more hygienic place to sleep (as we had previously said about the air flow). In the first weeks it is more difficult for your baby to adjust the temperature of his body. It is very good that this is solved with this ventilation. For babies who sleep on their stomachs, it is also good for mothers to know that the breathing protector should keep the risk of suffocation to a minimum (you can try it yourself, you can breathe easily).


It is a mattress that is clearly well thought out, because as we have already said, Cold foam is not optimal in itself as a baby mattress, but it is very comfortable. Cold foam is not good for dissipating heat, but with this special mattress everything changes, it´s Multi-layered Dual Firmness Design

The Eco Classica III’s Dual Firmness (dual zone) design allows you to easily flip the mattress as your child transitions to the toddler stage.

Your infant will sleep on the firmer side. While this may not seem like it would be comfortable to you, infants need a firm, flat, even sleeping surface to maximize their development, strengthen their muscles, and ensure breathability in the crib. Babies need resistance and a firm surface to push up, turn and eventually stand up on.

Once they start to transition to a toddler, you can flip to the softer side of the mattress. This provides greater comfort for your toddler, while maintaining the level of safety that Colgate is committed to providing

Conclusion, is a large crib mattress with enough resources to send your little baby to the land of dreams. In terms of price, I found it quite reasonable, but that is, of course, different for each one. There are mattresses that are now in the market for more and less money..


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Best cheap crib mattress

Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress, White

Size: 120 xxxx 70

Shape: rectangular

Material: Foam and Vinil

  • Sustainable

  • Mattresssuffocation cradleRemovable

  • Anti-Incorporates anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatments.

  • with lateral zipper

  • Great price / quality


A perfect crib mattress for those who must look at the price! Made of Foam and Vinil the materials have adequate density in this mattress and it is firm enough! As I said before, it’s a great choice. I have not noticed any noticeable defect in this crib mattress, that’s great!

Due to the material, there are more chances of dimples, especially if you have a baby with a preferred posture. This is not a big problem and it is very easy to solve, just make sure you turn the mattress over and keep doing it. That way you can avoid those dimples!

If you are looking for a cheap crib mattress that does your job well,

Dream On Me 3 ” Play Yard Mattress provides an inviting, comfy environment for playtime. Measuring 37.5 inches long by 25.5 inches wide and 3 inches high, this mattress has four, 90 degree corners fitting Graco Playards with similar 90 degree corners inside the play yard area where the mattress sits. This exceptional mattress is constructed with quality materials and workmanship in the USA. Features include a non-allergenic, anti-bacterial waterproof cover that wipes clean with mild soap and water and aids in the prevention of mold, mildew and odor. Meets Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16-CFR 1632. All Dream on Me mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for a healthy indoor environment for your baby. Dimensions:Length 37.5 inches X Width 25.5 inches X Height 3 inches


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The best spring mattress for babies

Serta Tranquility Eco Firm Innerspring Crib and Toddler Mattress | Waterproof | GREENGUARD Gold Certified (Natural/Non-Toxic)


Shape: rectangular

Material: SPRINGS

  • Sustainable

  • Cushion mattress anti-suffocation

  • It is not removable, it is recommended to use a protective cover

  • Anti-mite and anti-bacterial

  • Breathable


This crib mattress guarantees the necessary firmness thanks to its spring housing, and maximum breathability thanks to the cotton layers.

Its composition of foam plus spring housing, perimeter frame of high density foam and natural cotton plus foam is ideal for your baby’s rest.

Strong and Stable Support You Can Rely On, Outfitted with 120 heavy duty innerspring coils, this mattress will provide your little one with a strong and supportive foundation. A full perimeter border wire design adds enhanced firmness while an ortho-insulated layer and convoluted layer add layers of plush comfort with additional support.

Two Stage Sleep System, Made with your growing child in mind, this mattress features an innovative, two stage sleep system to accommodate baby’s growing needs. The infant side offers ideal firmness for newborns while a supple, natural blend cotton cover on the toddler side offers additional, cushioned comfort.

The choice of parents who rely on traditional materials for the rest of their baby.


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A mattress for new or second-hand?

When buying a crib mattress, it is always better to buy a new baby mattress in contrast to one that has already been used. Although you will certainly save some money there are more disadvantages than benefits.

A second-hand baby mattress is not hygienic

A baby loses a lot of fluid at night like sweat, but in the crib there are enough accidents, so it is not excluded that a second-hand baby mattress has been in contact with stool and excretion during use. It is very difficult to determine how the previous owner treated that mattress. You have to trust that the previous parents have cleaned and cleaned the mattress well. But what often happens is that only the surface has been kept clean, but the waste remains inside the mattress. This is a breeding ground for bacteria. What can also be a result of a mattress that is not well maintained is that the mattress is riddled with dust mites.

The used mattress is less durable

This may be a bit more obvious, but a used product will not last as long as a new product (or still has a warranty certificate). How long will a used crib mattress last? No one knows exactly, but suppose you do it before your baby is done with it. Then you will be forced to buy another mattress and that is twice the cost.

Increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death)

A 2002 scientific article is published in a British medical journal (the source can be found at the bottom of the page). The article shows the results of a study conducted to observe a relationship between SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and the use of a second-hand crib mattress. The analysis showed that there was a significant association between SIDS and a used crib mattress. The conclusion is that the use of another person’s crib mattresses is not recommended.

This, of course, does not apply when it comes to a crib mattress of your previous baby. Because you already know if it has been properly cared for and cleaned, but it is not smart to have that trust with strangers.

Maintenance of the crib mattress

By properly maintaining your baby’s mattress, you can be sure that the mattress lasts a long time and is also hygienic. In this section we focus on maintaining a crib mattress and some useful tips for cleaning in case of accidents.

General maintenance of the crib

After buying your mattress you obviously want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible to make the most of the mattress, for this it is advisable to follow these general tips.

Use a mattress protector

We’ve talked about this before. Accidents are common in babies and it is very convenient that there is a protective layer on the expensive mattress. Of course, it is also much less work to have to clean / replace the mattress protector than the entire mattress. In addition, a mattress protector helps prevent damage that can arise from sharp nails or the like.

Turn the mattress regularly

As a general rule, I would recommend that you turn the mattress once a month or turn it over. You may wonder why this piece of acrobatics is needed, but it causes the mattress to gradually wear away everywhere. It is also a useful way to help prevent pressure points in the mattress, these are small bumps that arise when pressure is applied in the same place. If you have a mattress that has a special top layer you just have to turn the mattress on its side (the head is now down).

Change the mattress sheets regularly

When changing the sheets frequently, you ensure that there is no buildup of dirt and odors on the mattress. Most parents recommend it at least once a week.

How to remove the pee from a crib mattress

Make sure you act quickly so that the mattress absorbs as little moisture as possible.

What you need:

  • Organic and enzyme-based cleaning agent

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Baking soda

  • Cloth

Step-by-step plan:

  1. Use the cloth and remove as much urine as possible by rubbing gently. Be careful not to introduce more moisture into the mattress! Remove everything you can with the cloth.

  2. Use the detergent, spray it on the stain and then clean it again with the cloth.

  3. Spread a lot of baking soda on the wet spot and let it work for at least four hours.

  4. After at least four hours you can remove all the dust with the vacuum cleaner.

So make sure you have these resources at hand before the accident happens! You can easily buy everything in the supermarket.

How to remove stool from a crib mattress

In this case too, time is money, make sure you act as quickly as possible!

What you need:

  • Rubber gloves

  • Spoon

  • Wipes

  • Organic and enzyme-based cleaning agent

  • Spray

  • Vinegar

Step-by-step plan:

  1. Put on gloves and remove large pieces of mattress and throw them into the garbage can or toilet bowl.

  2. Carefully remove as much poop as possible with a spoon, being careful not to push it into the mattress material.

  3. Spray with the detergent on the stain and let it act for 10 to 11 minutes.

  4. Rub gently with the washcloth on the stain to clean it, you may have to do the step 3 or 4 times before the stain disappears completely.

  5. Fill the spray bottle with vinegar and spray in the now clean place to remove all odors. Then you can let the mattress vent outside in the garden / balcony.

How are dust mites prevented?

colchon acaro polvo

The dust mite is a microscopic creature that eats our dead skin cells as food. Well, that’s not a problem. But for many babies yes because they have allergies to dust mites, so it is useful to take measures to prevent them. Trying to eliminate dust mites completely is not an option, no matter what you do, they will come back. However, it is a smart step to keep them under regular control so that your baby does not suffer its effects too much.

Wash regularly Regularly

washing at a temperature of 60 degrees. While doing this for at least weeks once a week, you will have the mite population well under control.

Clothes dryer also helps

The dryer also helps to eliminate dust mites by the same principle that at 60 degrees dust mites do not survive.

 The freezer also helps

Cold is a solution for objects that can not be washed. If you have a pillow or protection that can not be washed or dried, you can place it in the freezer. This will also help you eliminate dust mites.

Pay attention to humidity

Dust mites are not a great admirer of dry air, a dehumidifier in the bedroom can also help enormously in preventing dust mites!

Do not forget to ventilate your mattress

Regularly moving your baby’s mattress and leaving it in the sun also seems to help. It also eliminates unwanted odors.

Frequently asked

questions What is a crib mattress?

In essence, a crib mattress is nothing more than a mini mattress. When making a crib mattress, special attention has been paid to the safety of a baby, and as an extra measure it has been taken as a good support and breathable.

When should I buy a crib mattress?

A crib mattress is usually purchased together or at the same time as the baby’s crib. It is a product that must be purchased before the baby is there and is often purchased just before the third trimester.

How long can my baby use the mattress?

The mattress remains in use for the same time that the parents plan to use the baby’s crib. Some parents use the same mattress as the baby (or the small child, in this case) is changed to a bed for small children. There is nothing wrong with this and it is certainly a good way to save on costs.

Is it a suitable air or water mattress for a baby?

No, a bed of air or water does not offer the necessary support that a baby needs in its first months. Both materials present a risk of suffocation because they are not breathable.

What is a good budget to buy a mattress for babies?

No more than 100 dollars, for that money you already have an excellent mattress that is safe but also comfortable.

Your question is not here? Or do you have any questions about our manual?

Ask me in the comments

Best Mattress for Babies

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