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We have found a line of children’s alarm clocks that your children will love. The range of child alarm BulbBotzclocks has a number of models to help your little kid go to sleep.

You are looking for an analog children’s alarm clock so that your little one can learn to read the hands. Zazu kids has created a sheep-shaped alarm clock that will delight your children.

Looking for an alarm clock with projection and that is also fun for your child, Disney and Lexibook has designed a full range of alarm clocks with projection and radio.


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  • BulbBotz Digital
    alarm clock The best digital alarm clock for children: An alarm clock that is also an action figure for your little one, with multiple models that speak to your child.

  • Zazu Kids Sam sleep trainer
    The best alarm clock for children analog: Zazu Kids has designed a cute sheep clock in which your little one can learn to read the hours with the clock hands.

  • Disney Frozen
    The best alarm clock with projection: Disney and Lexibook has made a collection of alarm clock with projection that will be a great ally for you and an entertainment for your children.

The best alarm clock for children: As many parents know how to wake up our child in the morning sometimes it is a tough task, especially when he is a child who is active at night and is awake until late.

For parents who have active children at night, the use of a child alarm clock is a very interesting help.

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  1. What is a child alarm clock?

  2. Learning to understand time

  3. What to pay attention to in an alarm clock for children?

  4. The best digital alarm clock for children

  5. The best analog alarm clock for children

  6. The best alarm clock for children with projection

What is a child alarm clock?

A children’s alarm clock is a fun way to teach your child the responsibility of waking up since he was little. We all know that an alarm clock is a means to know that it is time to get up, that’s why we also use it in our daily life

The child alarm clock is nothing more than an alarm clock that through games motivates your child to follow a sleep pattern . That is why it is something more interesting than for example a sleep trainer, because it is also a toy for him.

Learning to understand time.

An alarm clock for children can help your child to have a better rhythm of sleep, you can use it so that your child understands the concept of time by showing him, for example, how much certain activities cost in terms of time such as brushing teeth or having dinner. Gradually your little one will have more control over something as abstract as the concept of time. It will also help to understand the concept of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Learning all this is very important in the growth of your child, also to feel a little independence and responsibility will increase the self-confidence of your child, all parents know that when a child wants to do something for himself and get it feels a great personal gratification. After a few weeks you will be able to see how your little one enters into the routine of the infant alarm clock. He will feel very proud of it and surely of you.

Also the alarm clock for children will also give you information about how a clock works and how you can look at the hours and identify them with the needles. That concept will be helpful when it comes time to start school.

What to pay attention to in an alarm clock for children?

It is always important to read the experiences of other parents with one or another product, even in something as simple as a child alarm clock. With the experiences of other parents you can easily discover which child alarm clock is better and which of them gives a better result.

Safe for children

Perhaps this is one of the things we repeat the most but we can never forget about it, all the products that are destined or available to babies or small children have to meet all the required safety requirements and if possible more . Playing is part of the development of your little one, it is basically their job, in the same way it is the job of the father and the manufacturer to guarantee that they can play safely.

It is difficult to imagine how something as big as a child alarm can cause choking, but you have to think that it can also break and fragment into small pieces and that these pieces can be the cause of that risk, then a safe child alarm is that that can not be broken or disassembled into small pieces.

Easy to use

A good alarm clock for children should be easy to use, so easy that a child can use it from the beginning, so when choosing an alarm clock for children watch the pieces and buttons are large and different. The big buttons are better than the small ones.


Children play everywhere, the child alarm clock is not an exception, so an alarm clock must be made in such a way that it does not stop working because it has fallen to the ground or because the child throws it away.

Nobody wants to buy a new alarm clock every three weeks so look it hard in other ways it can be the most expensive alarm clock you have ever bought even paying little for it.

Analog or digital

As all the clocks the children’s alarm clocks are available in analog and digital versions, each one has some advantages, look which one is more suited to you and your child.

Analog: with an analog alarm almost always children have less trouble reading the clock, the hands help a lot because they are easier to understand for them than the numbers. In addition, they will learn something that will later be useful for them at school when it is their turn to learn how the clock works.

Digital: with a digital alarm clock you will soon see that it costs a bit more to understand it, but we must not forget that these little heads have an enormous capacity to learn and although it is true that it will take them more time in the end they will learn to tell at a very young age.

In some cases, both options have been incorporated into a child alarm clock.


There are many people who are irritated by the ticking of the clock before sleeping and children are no exception, so it is something that must be taken into account especially if it is going to be placed next to the bed of your child. When choosing it is advisable to choose a watch with silent mechanism if this is analog.

Digital clocks do not have moving parts inside so they are silent in their own way


A projection is an image that generates the alarm with the help of a light, in most cases this projection is usually a starry sky on the ceiling but there is also models that project other images.

In recent times the child alarm clock with projection has become very popular not only because it is fun for the child but also because it serves as a night light

The best children’s alarm clocks

The best digital alarm clock for children

BulbBotz Alarm Clock

How much it cost?

Withnight lightBrand: BulbBotz

  • digital

  • Sound effects

  • Star wars action figures, guardians of the galaxy, Minions or Marvel superheroes, Bulbbotz has created a collection of child alarm clocks that will help your child understand sleep time and wake up. With night light and sound effects it will be more than just an alarm clock for your child.

The followers of the Guardians need a tree in their life to speak. Show that you are a true guardian of the galaxy with the BulbBotz light clock from Groot of Guardians of the Marvel Galaxy Vol. 2. You may have a limited vocabulary, but that will not stop you from waking up from your lethargy. With night light, simply press the head of Groot to light up. Activate the fun Groot sound effects by pressing the sound button. With a height of 14 cm, repeating function, alarm and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, the tiny Groot is the ultimate companion to protect the galaxy from the enemies of the cosmos.

The best analog children’s alarm clock


Zazu Kids Sam sleep trainer

Zazu Kids Sam Sleep trainer

How much it cost

Brand: Zazu Kids

  • nightlight

  • Analogue with hands

  • Funny

This adorable watch is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. The analogue sphere and its fun design will be a motivation when learning to read the time. Thanks to its small size it is ideal to place on the night table, desk or shelf and will look really good decorating any children’s room.

Its operation is very simple, making it a playful experience, making it ideal for children in the learning phase. To turn the alarm on and off, will cause the eyes to open or close and indicate the alarm situation. Pressing head the watch will light for easy reading at night and also activate the snooze snooze alarm

Best Child alarm with projection

Frozen - Radio Despertador con proyector (Lexibook RP500FZ)

Disney alarm clock radio Frozen

How much it cost?

Brand: Disney

  • 3D Reason for boys and girls

  • Digital

  • Clock radio

Disney Princesses, Frozen, The Avengers, Minions, PJ MASKS, Canine Patrol and Spider-Man.

They are the alarm clocks with figures and radio that Disney and Leximark has designed to wake up your little kid.

Spider-Man - Radio despertador con proyector, (Lexibook RP500SP)

The little ones in the house will find it easier to get up in the morning thanks to this nice clock radio with a Lexibook projector.

You can start each day in a different way: either with the melodies of your theme or with your favorite station

If you wish, you can also enjoy those little more in bed, with the tranquility of its Snooze function.

At bedtime, the figures of this alarm clock will accompany the child for 15 minutes thanks to the night light function …

The projector function allows to display the time on the ceiling, the projection will gradually fade after a few seconds until it disappears.

Best alarm clock for babies

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